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Today Whizzer on Aidsmeds wrote:

"As best I can tell, I seroconverted in Novermber 04.  It was the flu unlike any flu I ever had before, swollen glands, fever, chills, rash, sore throat, but no upper respiratory problems, and it lasted 6 days.  A routine HIV test in August 05 was poz for ELISA with an indeterminate Western Blot.  The following December they did a Western Blot again and it was STILL indeterminate - only two of four bands reactive.  No one has been able to explain this to me.

I guess I'm one of the 1%."

This seemingly contradicts the 13 week window period.  Is Whizzer not being honest?  Or is this perhaps more complicated than we may think.

BTW, I registered in the old forum and cannot recall the username I used. 

What are your thoughts on this?

So I take it you haven't taken a test since December. Have them run the test again and go to a different clinic that uses a different lab. And no I don't think you are the 1%.

Rod, you didn't read what I quoted.  I was not referring to myself I was referring to the post by Whizzer made in the "Living With" forum where he stated that it took him over a year, and he still does not test positive on the Western Blot, yet has HIV.

Reread his post.

It was a quote from the thread entitled "The Seroconversion How Long Does It Last" in the "Living With" forum.  It was the post written by Whizzer.  It seems to contradict the prevailing assertion that the window period is conclusively 13 weeks.  I am not sure if Whizzer has a compromised immune system ie:

1) A chemotherapy patient

2) An IV drug user

3) An organ donor recipient etc.

It just seems that perhaps nothing in science is 100 percent and maybe some people take longer to register as positive who do not fall into the categories described above.

Whizzer's post adds to the confusion.

hey confusednow i have some questions for you. if you dont mind answering them. ok you said you seroconverted in august 04 and had a test in november 05 . Ok could you tell us please when was or at least an approximate of when was your exposure and if you had a test before that or maybe could you explain in more detaills if this is the day or the year im assuming is the days you had the test so could you please tell us if you were so kind to let us know when was your exposure and approximately when did you started to have sympstoms believe me you are going to help a lot of people right here going through the window period also if you odnt mind could you describe your exposure please .

thank you so much if you answer some of our doubts you dont know how greatful we will be if you answer these questions.


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