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Long Termers: If you have a moment, would you please look at my post?


Do not want to write the same post again here, but if you can, can you just take a look at this?

Alex (Someone who likes to sit, and hear the elders, because they are those who are closer to gods)

So sorry to hear that you tested poz. This is NOT a death sentence unless you let it get to you. This is just another thing that you have to deal with. As you grow older, but never grow up- is my philosophy, you will find that there are things that your parents never told you about. You just have to discover them on your own. I try to onlt think about my hiv 3 times a day- when I take my meds, but unfortunately I think about it 300 times a day and over the past 16 years it is now just a passing thought. Hopefully soon you will become accustomed to this "gift" Best of luck

We've all been in the same place, laying in bed or the couch and worrying about the disease or what's going to happen. My suggestion is to keep things simple and taken care of. That's medical routines, legal issues like a will and power of attourney, finances and live lean not out on a limb.

I had it way before I tested as my ex and best friend died from it in '90. I wish I wasn't poz.  I'd certainly have been using those condoms or just been oral. But the info has been out there for 20 some years now. You're lucky that you have medical options that most of my friends didn't have. Guys back in the 80s died within weeks or months, Now we have much longer times. This is part of life, in our 20s we're all care free, I never thought about dieing. As you get older you get into the thick of it, why do you think all the religions and great literature are full of these big issues? Loss of life, loss of love, life's a tough deal. Welcome to the deeper issues and thoughts. Do some reading and research not just HIV but spirituality in all it's forms..

Please post your replies to Alex's questions in the thread he links to above. Thanks.



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