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Finding out new BF is Pos

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Well the relationship continues to grow  :) . My feelings for him are quite strong. We spent this entire weekend together, from Friday until this morning. There is a closeness there that I havenít felt in quite some time. Even though, I still find myself worrying about the situation. Iíve continued to learn more and more about his condition.  Most of the time we are together, the thought doesnít cross my mind. I find that when Iím alone I worry about it much more.  I just wish there was more information available about pos/neg couples.  ??? 

robbo, the information is simple. Use condoms. I don't have Ann's link handy but look in the Am I Infected forums, look for her posts and click on the "Condom Info" link. There are many neg/poz couples.


I will definitely check it out.

I should have also been a little clearer in my post. The fear isn't just for my own well being, I understand the basics about using protection. But it's for his wellbeing also. I finding myself getting angry at his x for doing this to him.

I'm sure that given time all the different emotions and concerns will settle down. They are just exaggerated at the moment because I've never been faced with this situation. And only know that I'm facing it, have I really taken steps to educate myself about what having HIV really means.

Thanks to all here for being a sounding board.



--- Quote from: robbo on August 22, 2007, 04:38:06 AM ---He went on to tell me that there was a chance he was misdiagnosed. Lots of details, but basically he was diagnosed from a CD4 reading of 398, no virus was found in the sample. Doc immediately started him on treatment. All labs since, normal cd4 levels, and still zero VL. More test need to be done.
--- End quote ---

Ummm..... This doesn't sound right.

398 is well below a normal CD4 level, and it seems far-fetched for there not to be a detectable level of virus present.  "Treatment" is anti-retroviral medication; and a doctor would be careless and insurers would balk at payment for drugs if there was not a history of detectable virus.

Hi Redhot, I hear what your saying and as I have continued to learn more I do wonder why a doctor would make this diagnoses without some sort of solid evidence. As for insurance companies, they don't ever see results of any tests, they only know that a test was done. They must rely on a doctors expertise. So two options are possibilities, the doctor acted in hast and there may be a misdiagnoses (but maybe not) or the guy I'm seeing is trying to minimize my worries.
either way we are going away for the weekend, and I plan on doing a lot of talking about the subject and his history with it. If he's minimizing he needs to stop.


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