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Not entirely certain where to post this, but I'm thinking this is a (possible) mental health issue with mental health including non emotional issues as well.

I have always been a slightly sloppy speller, and with the advent of spell check on everything from websites to browser functions - I think I might have gotten even lazier.

However I have noticed something in the last year and it seems to be even more pronounced in the last couple of months:  increasingly misspelling even simple words that I have not mispelt since I was in elementary school.  Also sometimes not even recognizing that words are misspelled at all (used to be always able to recognized that something wasn't spelt right even if I didn't know the correct spelling.

No meds at the moment so it isn't any side effects.  I stress that I do not rule out simply getting older, and already accounted for the lazier (with spell check features in websites  as I mentioned above) possibilities, but am starting to get concerned that it just appears to be happening with more frequency - like I'm losing some language skills or something.

On a related note, my typing skills have sort have taken a tad downwards turn - nothing significant but my speed has definitely slowed down and I'm making more typos (I used to be fairly good at typing without looking at the keyboard....starting to have to look again)

Any feedback or relevant experience would be welcome. 
I am also not above labeling myself hypochondriac over this either. Just starting to wonder if it is possibly more than meets the eye as to what I'm noticing.

Hi Iggy,

I hate to mention this in a way as I don't want to alarm you needlessly, but before I began on meds I was progressively losing some abilities:

Fine motor skills (my ex Ken tells me he could see that happening over a period of months in my handwriting), speech (people asked me if I was drinking at times, which I wasn't) and even walking, to the point where I would fall sometimes. There was something obviously wrong to everybody else, but my cognition was so impaired that it didnít register.

I later learned these things were happening as the result of the virus eating at the white matter in my brain and spine.

My best suggestion to you would be to get a check up to make sure this isnít the onset of something that could become more destructive over time. Hopefully itís nothing that serious but you might want to know for sure.



Thank you very much for your thoughts and own experience.  I think I kind of want to get myself a little scared to be honest as I've been noticing it for a while and have just been procrastinating about doing anything.

Two other related things came to my attention just today - looking at some old posts I realized that I have written about my hearing loss getting progressively worse lately and if this is all related to some chowdown in my head by the virus than that may be connected...and more scary - I didn't even remember posting the hearing thing at first and I consider myself having a damn fine memory (probably because the nuns in school instilled in us that we had to always remember all our sins)

Definitely not paranoia yet or hysterical, and I sure do hope that like my thinning hair and widening mid section that this is all just part of getting older, but I don't think I should play around with ignoring it anymore and going to make some future arrangements to get it checked out.


I hope it is just the aging thing Iggy, but I'm glad you're going to have it looked into. It's wise to find out if there might be something more serious going on than just that.



I have experienced a very subtle change in my typing skills and spelling, both in French and English. I have sort of become slightly dyslexic but always catch myself doing it, and this is something that never happened before I became hiv+. Then again, I am going on 47 so it could be age as well... but I always had good spelling and seldom resorted to spell checkers. (I prefer a nice fat dictionnary).

Since I've been facing the onset of a few side effects I've wondered if this might not be another sign that this virus is gnawing at my nerve cells as well as at my immune system. But the whole experience of becoming positive has provoked so many changes in me, mostly on a psychological level, that I could also attribute these small spelling mistakes to the fact that I am much more relaxed nowadays and care less about the small stuff. I used to be quite anal (yes, I know...) about little things and still jump when I read a newspaper article full of spelling errors...

So now I am curious: is there a way to measure what is going on and detect if such cognitive behaviour alterations are due to physiological damage?

Sorry I can not be more helpful Iggy,



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