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Dating Part IV: The Grooviest Hen Party Going

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Queen Tokelove:

--- Quote from: Bettytacy on August 20, 2007, 11:31:50 PM ---Queen-
  You watch Passions, eh?  Do you ever watch Days of Our Lives?  I watch that one once in awhile, especially now that Stefano's back on.

--- End quote ---

Stefano coming back is what made me start watching again. I'm trying to see how far they are going to go with the DiMeras vs the Bradys thing is going to last. I am a bit pissy that they are moving Passions to Directtv which to me should be called Direct Ripoff. I hate them.

Hi GFs~

I am an "All My Children" fan myself.  I tuned back in years ago, when Haley and Mateo were having their big wedding.  Lots of hunks on that soap these days! 

OK, so its crazy late but I had to post.  I am on the "phone with Stone" earlier tonight, and I get an email from the dreaded HUMPER.  Its so funny, I am gonna post it here in a sec.  Remember, he sent me the "wine and dine, dressed to the nines" email, and then I declined and asked him to slow down.  He proceeded to say the "wine and dine" was just a "test" to get me to say what I really felt.  Keep in mind this was 2 days after our date, and he wanted true feelings?  Slow the fuck down already....So, he left off in the last email saying he wouldn't contact me, I could call or email, it was totally up to me.  (Yeah, like I'm missing out or something over here.  I have Stone.......).

Here's the latest Humper email from Monday night here (LMAO):


What's up...I know I was some what of a prick,with my last email ! That does not mean that I don't enjoy talking with you, because I do...You are a great listener,and I enjoy your conversation ! I know that you are seeing other guy's....I do not have a problem with that ! I'm just looking for a sweet chick to spend some time with. I'm not looking for a girlfriend, as at this point in my life ...I'm happy being a singe man ! Butt (yes, he spelled it with 2 t's, lol) I am a piece of shit male...perhaps I was being so aggressive with you, so maybe I could speed up the process of getting in your pants ! I'm just being honest, So write me back we can just talk, and I will not ask you out, or bug you. I will leave the ball totally in your court, I'm open game! Gosh I hope I have not over stepped my boundaries !!! So if you are awake,and at your computer, I will be up for awhile... you can call,or write...Thats up to you !!!  Talk soon

Um....YEAH.....RIGHT!  THAT has got to be the dumbest email I have EVER received!  "Speed up the process of getting in (my) pants?' ?????????????  Like it was ever going to be an option?  All I did was hug the guy goodnight and he was shaking like a leaf!  So, after I get the email, about 10 minutes goes by and my phone rings.  Humper leaves an email, in his very coolest Humper voice...."Hi.  You know who this is.  You know my number.  Call me."

I am sitting here in bewilderment that this guy doesn't even realize what a dumbshit he looks like.  I felt sorry for him last week, and thought I was rid of him after I didn't reply to the last email or phone call.  Goes to show he was obsessing about me all weekend, and emailed AND called me, when he said he wasn't going to.  This is like trying to explain geometry to a first grader.  I wouldn't even know where to start, if I were to talk to this guy and tell him what a stupid shit he is.  LOL  I am laughing my ass off.  I think I have sunseeker's humper beat, ne c'est pas?  LOL

Ohon a side note, I had mentioned previously that when I went to Stone's Sunday night, I had said he had the Metal ("Arena Rock") channel on "just for me."  A very old metal tune came on, from c. 1982 or so.  It was by a band called Rainbow and the song was called "Stone Cold."  Freaked me out.  I haven't heard it in 20 years!

R.I.P. Dave

Hi Girls

Well, it looks like Moon is moving right along with Stone Cold. I am glad someone is.  My dating life is the name.  Till texting with Cop 1 & 2 and when I was out dancing with the girls on Sunday night met a guy that looks like Cop #1.  I guess it is true we all have a twin out there some where.

Last night went out with my friend Sara and we met our friends for a soft ball game then drinks afterwards.  My Sara is becoming very chummy with this guy who we will call J and I got to hang out with him a lot last night.  He is a really nice guy and found myself being jealous that Sara got a good night kiss and I did not.  J said he has this friend that he thinks I will be perfect for and wanted the 4 of us to go out.  I am just not sure if I want to do that since I may have to tell this guy about my status if things were to progress that way.  Not sure if I want to do that since I am afraid it might get out to the circle of friends that I hang out with who don't know.

Well, I found out that Dillion Ray West is a big SCAMMER.  Not sure if you guys remember but I thought he was either a SCAMMER or my Ex-boyfriend being a jerk.  Well last night he showed his true colors.  I saw him online and asked his how he was and he said he was not good since he has Malaria and can't afford the medicine since he is broke.  So I played along and told him I was sorry and I am sure he could ask for help from friends or family and he told me that his parents died when he was 25 and it would be so nice if he had a nice girl like me to come home to.  Well, I stopped it there and told him good luck with getting his treatments and when he got the clue that I would not help him he started getting mad.  I told him he was a scammer and he would  find someone else to fall for his games.  He then said he never asked me for money and hurried up and got off line.  I am going to turn him in to Poz.

OK well, off to lay out by the pool, can't wait to hear about the next page in everyone's lives.  Bye for now.

Hi SS~

Yes, that is the usual "scammer drill," the woe-is-me line.....I only wish I had the strength and energy to string one of those litte shits along--all the way to Western Union.  They would just be there, waiting for their money to be wired, LMAO!  They get so desperate when you call them out on scamming, lol!  Its a riot!

Don't be worried too much about dating new people IF you can pace yourself.  IF you have the willpower and the control to take things slow, then you might have some good times.  Emotionally, it can be very difficult, I know.  I was doing that with a few men I had met this year, taking things very slow while I tried to figure out how I would disclose to them.  Good ole Jay and Doc never had a clue.  It IS tough disclosing to a neggie, that's all I have done since '96, but its so nice to have Stone around now.  I can see what Queen means by saying it makes things so much easier.

I woke up crazy-late today at 330pm, after an emotional night.  I started a new thread which most of you have seen.  Today marks the 11th anniversary since my late husband David died.  Its been very emotional this year, because for the first time, I have people I can turn to who truly understand.  The warmth and compassion from all of you is JUST what I needed today!  I love all of my sisters here SO much!  Don't think I haven't been taking notes, I think a good 5 or 6 of us live pretty close together here on the east coast.  I would love for us all to meet sometime.  I wonder where the AMG meeting will be next year?  I have read that in 2005 it was Nashville, 2006 it was Montreal, and now 2007 its San Fran.  Wouldn't it be great if it came back to the east coast next year?  We'd have to fly a few of you in, but we could ALL stay at my house, lol!  Since I have no furniture, there would be plenty of room, lol!

OK, I am puffed up like a blowfish under my eyes, and Queen, I don't have any cucumbers.  I am going to make a grilled cheese sandwich and have some chicken noodle while I watch AMC, which I record every day.  Haven't heard from Stone, but I am giving him some space since I have totally wrecked his sleep schedule for the past 9 days, on the phone and otherwise..... ;)

R.I.P. Dave

whoa what did i miss?!

i am still away in london.... ML i didn't read your post from today yet, but will in a minute. big thumbs up, told-you-so congratulations on getting with Stone!!! very very happy to hear that. hugs to everyone, got some catching up to do


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