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Dating Part IV: The Grooviest Hen Party Going

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Hello ladies,

Queen, pls feel free to keep sharing and don't mind the sailor mouth, I have heard worse! Or the ghetto vibe... you're our ghetto superstar! I just feel bad that I can't consult. I mean I have experience but it does not relate to the US, every countrts different. Looks like you are doing what you should be doing - contacting whoever needs to be and getting things in motion. You will have identity theft to add to your sister's list of "achievements" and if anyone wonders why she's going around saying you are poz you can add that in to make her look slightly more unreliable...

But seriosuly it is a very tough one and no laughing matter.

Here it is very rainy and cold, I can count the number of sunny days this year on one hand, and this is also a result of global warming - all the rain is pushed to this side of the world. Mi Hombre is in another country for a few days, so I have time to sit alone and comtemplate... this combines with work, which I have really, really let go of in the past months. It was bound to happen sometime. I am just chilling, I can't be stressed anymore, the last 1.5 years, especially the first year, was an incredible rollercoaster of stress. It's like a part of me rebels against it.

The I read about other people and feel connected.

ps yes ML, 60-70 hours is an awful lot. I had no idea people have to work like that. Here, that would be illegal. But it also depends what they ential, but it looks like these guys just eat, work and sleep, when do they live? You did a supercool thing though by going to find out about it. Now you have do decide... and is there no options of working lesser hours. if even for a lower pay?
Until the next time, good luck everyone and good vibrations.

Hi GFs~

I couldn't sleep last night!  Ugh!  I didn't want to take a Benadryl cause it knocked me out Tuesday all the way through yesterday afternoon.  I'm still experimenting.  I have been very good to my neck and have been on the treadmill, too.  I go to the massage therapist today for 30 minutes.

Betty~  I have a niece who will be 7 on 9/9.  The latest rage is anything to do with the movie "High School Musical."  My mom says its kinda like how the Mickey Mouse Club used to be for us.  Mom is getting my niece a High School Musical alarm clock, cause that's what she asked for, lol!  Cute at age 7!  Glad to hear you're meeting with Salad Girl again, as I fondly remember her, lol!  Let us know how it goes, and don't worry too much about high-maintenance, its better than no maintenance at all, right?  ;)

Cristy~  The little one is going to pre-K.  I remember my mom couldn't wait to get me out of the house.  At age 2,  I was already a hellion and too big for my britches, so to speak, lol!  What I wouldn't give to be 2 again and not know a damn thing about anything, even for a day.  I don't think you work every day, right?  So, you'll have time to get a few things done around the house and run errands while your little one is in school.  It'll be a little "break" for you, so that you can keep your sanity, and he'll be back before you know it.  Its a good balance for both of you.  I didn't know you had a hysterectomy, sorry that I missed that.  I think I had read about surgery and being "in heat"  (lol) before, but thought you had something minor done.  I am too scared to even have a D&C and I am avoiding it at all costs.  That shit scares me, being diabetic and all.

Dragonette~  What I wouldn't give for cold weather and rain.  It has been hot and extremely dry here on the east coast this summer.  Only good thing is that the grass hasn't grown much.  I don't think I've mowed the front yard in close to a month, although I'll be doing that tomorrow, most likely.  As far as jobs here, an average job is a 40-hour week, but in sales, like with cars, its long days.  I don't know, the money and the idea that I probably could sell cars had me all excited.  I just keep thinking I know better and really just want a simple job where I can have a normal routine.  If I can live off of unemployment which is $1600 a month (although barely "live") then I should be OK with a low-paying job.  Its just the idea of never getting ahead in this world with my pay topping out that pisses me off.  Now I just have to worry about a great resume that makes people think I am overqualified, so no one is biting.  I'll check the paper tomorrow and see what comes up.  Sigh, I know I'll just get pissed with low pay, but I have to do something.

Going to take Cheech for a ride to the gas station, need gas for the lawnmower and the Jeep.  Then I'll have a lazy afternoon getting ready for my massage, and then off to see Stone and the diabetic doggie tonight.  Still bleeding from my messed up cycle, its about day 12 now.  Only a trace amount, but still, its there.  Wish this shit would end.  This Sunday would be the day to start a new pack of pills, but its not going to happen as I agreed to stop.  I hope the cramps aren't too bad next month and that the fibroids shrink as well.  I think they already have since May, doing OK.....

Camille and Nicole~  Hardly ever see you guys, I hope you're OK. 
Ubotts~  You too, with the skin condition I read about in another post, are you alright? 
SS~  Be careful with Cop#1, he should be off-limits until he gets his head screwed on straight.  Is he even separated yet?
Queen~  Glad you were awake at 4am last night to chat a bit.  Glad to hear you had the Boo connection going on!  Give the FTC hell today, GF!
Em~  Tell us more about your daughter, where is she from, when will you meet?  I read about that briefly in another post and thought that it was amazing, what you're doing.  You have such a big heart.

OK, gotta get the cluck outta here!  Queen, if you think of something catchy, start that Dating Part V thread.  Its your go, lol!


Queen Tokelove:
Thanks Ladies for your kind words. They are appreciated. I figured I would peck a moment here before I get on the phone again and try to bitch at someone again. I did file a complaint with the FTC online but am going to call them today too. I am not backing down, I want justice, family or no family. I was hurt that my nephew would do this to me considering that he use to live with me in the past but I know his mother put him up to it. But he will have to pay for her actions.

Someone asked me about the Fog movie, I am assuming that you are talking about the newer version. It was ok but kinda lame to me. You know I like to see blood and guts in my horror movie. If I had to rate it, I would give it a 5 but preferred the original even though it would seem kinda cheesy now.

Powder-- Sorry you are having a tough time sleeping, I hope that clears up for you too. And you are going on day 12 with Aunt Flo, I don't miss her at all. Gotta love the depo shot. I am sorry to hear that Stone's doggy has diabetes, poor thing.

I will come up with a snazzy title for the part V of this thread a little later. I couldn't wait and am on the phone with the gas company again. I have a series of calls to make and I will update you on all that later. But this weekend is the move. I will be moving the smaller stuff out tomorrow and my cousin will be coming with his truck either Saturday or Sunday night. Til later ladies........

Modified to add: I made the few calls to my case worker, the gas company and the FTC. Now the security dept of the gas company got the paperwork they asked for. I have to wait on them to call me to go over some affadavit, not sure what that is unless they are talking about the identity theft form. I still don't see any progress there. My case worker did get in contact with the LIHEAP supervisor but that person is waiting to hear back from someone in Harrisburg. I guess this is a first for them there so I have to wait on them also. I really hate this waiting game. Maybe if I get a letter from my doctor stating my health issues they will try to move a bit faster. Good thing I called the FTC because they couldn't seem to find the online application I had done. But they are going to send me some info through email to put a fraud alert out w/ the credit reporting companies.
And just got off the phone with my ASO, they will pay part of my 1st month's rent and security deposit and I also qualify for the monthly rental assistance program when my time comes...Wooooo Hoooooo. Things are looking a tad bit brighter.... ;D


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