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Dating Part IV: The Grooviest Hen Party Going

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Hi GFs~

Our own Aunty Doxie referred to our threads with this title, so I find it only fit to name it as such.

For new readers, here's our history....
Part I:
Part II:
Part III:

Carry on, GFs, carry on........!


Yes, I saw Auntie's post and thought that was a wave of the wing to all of us that our hen house is providing good shelter, cackling and more.

No one is hen pecked here, they are only hen penned! ::)

Although some, okay one, of the hens is being pecke*** as of late. You may have noticed the roosters aren't even bothering to crow because some people are getting up so late IN THE DAY it doesn't matter.

Well, to you free range hens, I note there's nothing like a fresh post to scratch about with your chicken legs!

"cock-a-doodle-DO!"    ;D

Queen Tokelove:
Here we go, on the next journey of our online diary cause to me, it is kinda what it feels like. I get to name part 5 and I think Aunt Doxie would be honored that you chose his words to name this one. I didn't even know he peeked in here but it does seem like we are getting a bit popular... ;)

It has been raining the past few days here. Usually when that happens I sleep in late and has no motivation to do anything. I guess me and Moonlight was on the same schedule because I got up around 2ish as well. I almost missed Passions. Nothing really going on with me. I have been monitoring my sugar kinda close lately. Today upon waking it was 116...after taking pills and about 4 hours later it was 88, that's the best one yet and quite a rebound from yesterday. Hey Moonlight, how often should you check your sugar? I don't want to be doing it too often but I usually check every 4 hours depending on when I take my medicine and what I have eaten. Middle finger looks like a pin cushion now... ;D

I am off to finish watching wrestling and then it is back to playing Wedding Dash. Tomorrow may just be a stressful day but won't say anything til I come back from appointment. Have a good night, ladies. :-*

  You watch Passions, eh?  Do you ever watch Days of Our Lives?  I watch that one once in awhile, especially now that Stefano's back on.


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