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Hi I have been on here aprox. two months ,still a newbie
I have got to go the the doctors next week to get my numbers I have been procrastinating because of the shock and also a move in address very stressful. i also toojk time off work. Question 1 do i need to disclose my status to anyone esp if I work in a health care setting? i live in canada I don't know the law in that aspect!

Second I am symptomatic and in denile I am having shortnss of breath and wake up in the morning mylungs in my back feel like some one sat on me and deflated them.
Is this a sign of my  my first OI do i have PCP or TB already?????
I was infected aprox end of March...that would be tooo soon right.I'm am wondering if they will put me on Atripla right away because of symptoms annoying

I am still not sure I understand you. Have you had a confirmatory test? You still refuse to answer that question. I am going to report you to the moderators.

Since you haven't stated any numbers, it is hard to tell if you'd even be in the range for which PCP might be a possibility.  As for TB - well you said you work in Health Care, so I suppose you could have been exposed.

But since you state that you're a newbie, I wonder if it is simply the stress causing you to take a more shallow breath.  I wasn't certain from your phrasing if the shortness of breath is just in the morning, combined with your back ache, or separately, like when you exert yourself.

I find that when I'm under stress, in my sleep I will roll on my side, curl my shoulders together, and basically crush my chest into a small enough ball that I can't get a good breath.  I'll often wake up gasping.  Hugging a stiff pillow seems to keep the shoulders apart, and let be breath better.

In general when stressed I sleep less soundly, and wake up with many different muscles hurting, as though they have been clenched all night, and occasionally short of breath.

Certainly when you visit your doctor next week, discuss all of this.  He/She'll be giving you a good physical, and listening to your lungs, and will tell you if more tests are necessary, and what else needs to be done.

Come back and tell us your results (in this thread) and perhaps we can offer better advice and support.

thank you LT. I will let you know on my next visit. I've been so busy with this moving thing that I neglected my  health. and the Stress of moving is alot. I was afraid to go to the doctor for a while afraid of bad news. I can't believe some people here arn't very compationate every one deals with this differently and in their own time. I guess i was in denile and didn't want to know plus if I didn't find a place soon Iwould be homeless! I  am shocked that someone here wants to report me? for what??? ??? for procrastinating, being scared after my results . I don't get it. The specialist takes a while to schedule too ! I had the ordeal to find a doc that specializes in this. whew! which I already stated elsewhere. I thought this was a support network not an interrogation!
  ??? ?????? ??? thanks again Lt  for the support it's appreciated.
the specialist has to schedule the appointment and sit down with me to explain everything of which I haven't had the time because I did'nt want to end up on the Street. Vacancies are hard to find right now. And i really don't need nosey neighbours or stress!!!
the regular GP doctor wants to put me on Zyprexa, Benzodiazapines I don't know if thats a good idea?

To be honest I think you are full a BS and I guess a confirmation by you of your status will put all that to rest. Until that happens I suggest everyone do a quick rundown of your prior posts and judge for themselves your veracity. Until that time I suggest folks refrain from answering your worried well questions, just like they did in Am I infected. If you indeed do turn out to be positive, I will be the first to apologize and welcome you with open arms...but I don't see that happening.


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