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I'm now 'officially' AARP card came in the mail this weekend!   It stirred up a lot of emotions in me, mostly joy !   I never would have dreamed I would live to be a senior citizen !

The view's not so bad from this side of the hill....

Alan (who thinks it would be a lot more fun to be RICH and old instead of POOR and old!)

Alan....I remember the arrival of my AARP card too. I had the same kind of emotions.....So seems like yesterday I was graduating from college! ....Does this mean I can get discounts at movie theaters!... am I supposed to act differently now?

Rich or poor, I'm just glad you're still with us, old man!



Alan, I've been receiving my "old card" now for 4 years.  :o Actually, your not a senior citizen until your 55 !1Don't push it. ;) I will officiallly become a senior citizen in December, when I turn 55. Can't wait to become a grumpy old man...  ::)  What always gets me, is when I have to write my age down, It such a LARGE NUMBER !!

Take Care------Ray---- 8)

How old are you when you get your AARP card?  I should be getting close to getting one.



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