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terrified about testing

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i had unprotected sex about 6 weeks ago after a night of drinking....
last week i started feeling really anxious about having HIV , and i know i may have done one of the dumbest things in my life by sleeping with someone unprotected.

i have some questions?
what are my chances of getting HIV... it was lots of oral mainly him to me and some intercourse.

I feel tightness in my chest and neck....and no fever but whenever i think about it i get really hot my face and neck.....
im scared to get tested how can i get over it and just get it done?

my lower back also hurts and i feel really tense around my neck and chest area i feel like something is putting pressure on my chest.

for a guy i think chances are 1 in 2000 or 1 in 1000, thats wat dr hunter handsfield said, women however have 1in a couple 100 i think since ur a guy u have an advantage, test in 2 months u most likely wont have it though. Well please anyone correct me if im wrong but Dr hunter handsfield stated that most people who have hiv test possitive at 6 weeks, umm and for a test thats 90 percent reliable its 4weeks. im not sure if im right about that but hopefullysomeone can correct me.

i am a girl....please explain your answer again please

doh ok well its still 1 in a couple hundred there is more risk in having anal sex. your symptoms seem to be coming from anxiety but dr handsfield who is an std specialist in washington university said that most people tested positive at 6 weeks if they had an exposure, but im not sure if thats right i think its 90% reliable or somethin, hey dont worry though do u know if the guy had hiv?

no i dont know if he has anything but i started feeling anxious and just felt like planning to get tested in two weeks which it will be 8 weeks i hope i can rely on the results cause i dont know if i can muster enough to do it again.... im very scared of a positive result


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