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I had the  unprotected oral sex.  She performed oral sex on me (I was insertive). 
13 days after exposure i began feeling like flu symptoms:
-simple fever for 2 days
-runny nose   
-Body aches
-weakness and tiredness

(All symptoms ended after 3 days)

I am very afraid about these symptoms 

I have these tests after exposure :
20 days hiv P24 antigen elisa and also hiv 1&2 ab  by using 3rd genertion
4 weeks hiv 1&2 ab  elisa
5 weeks 1&2 ab  by using 3rd generation

All tests were negative

What is the risk of transmission of HIV?

Does this symptoms for HIV?

Do you think i need more test? and what about accurate the p24 ag test after antibody tests Result?
I was thinking too much  :(


You were never at risk and you didn't need a test for HIV.


Getting a blowjob is NOT a risk for hiv infection. Not one person has ever been infected in this way and you will not be the first.

You do not need further testing over this incident. Your results are not going to change - you ARE hiv negative.

You need to be using condoms for anal or vaginal intercourse, every time, no exceptions until such time as you are in a securely monogamous relationship where you have both tested for ALL sexually transmitted infections together. To agree to have unprotected intercourse is to consent to the possibility of being infected with an STI. Sex with a condom lasts only a matter of minutes, but hiv is forever.

Have a look through all three condom and lube links in my signature line so you can use condoms with confidence. Use them correctly and consistently for anal or vaginal intercourse and you will avoid hiv infection. It really is that simple!

And one last thing; you applied for a second account here at AIDSmeds. Multiple accounts are against our Terms of Membership which you agreed to when you became a member. This information is also contained within the Welcome Thread, which you should have read by now. So really, you have no excuse.

Please do not attempt to create another account again.


I  could not understand the reason of my symptoms and it perfectly matches the time.

In this forum, everyone says that receiving oral sex is not a risk for HIV, but I called several clinic and They told me"low risk, but not non risk and sites and forums the same thing.

I am still worrying

*I am sorry for another account  I did not know taht  Multiple accounts are against your Terms

sorry agine


Symptoms or even the lack of symptoms means absolutely NOTHING when it comes to hiv infection. Only testing will reveal your hiv status.

Once again, getting a blowjob is NOT a risk for hiv infection. Not one person has EVER been infected this way and it is safe to say you won't be the first.

You do not need further testing over this incident. You ARE hiv negative.

You need to discuss your symptoms, face to face, with a doctor. There are many things in the world which can make you ill and we cannot diagnose what ails you here. We can only tell you that based on a risk assessment of your activities and your negative test results so far, whatever is causing your problems is NOT hiv. Go to your doctor and find out what is really going on.

You do not have hiv. Use condoms for anal or vaginal intercourse, every time, no exceptions, and you won't have hiv in future either.



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