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Andy Velez:
Dear All,

Just want to let you know that I am that I will be joining you for a part of the Montreal weekend. I'd hoped to be there for the whole event, but something else has intervened which has caused me to change my plans. I've been invited to work at the Toronto International Conference as liason between the International AIDS Society (among others) and those in the activist community who will be attending the conference.

I will not be able to leave Toronto until after a meeting on Saturday morning (19th), after which I will grab a plane to Montreal. So I will see you all either late afternoon or very early Saturday evening. I plan to fly home to NYC on Tuesday. I'm disappointed not to be there for Ric and Thoms's ceremony on Friday and the service on Saturday morning, but some time with you is better than none is how I look at it.

So I am looking forward to at last seeing you all in person.


Ric Wilke:
Dear Andy,

This is indeed wonderful news!  While Thom and I will miss you on Friday, we are all looking forward to meeting you on Saturday.  It will be great to see you.

Warmest regards, Ric


Welcome aboard buddy!   :)

I'm looking forward to this trip a lot because of the wonderful people I'm going to get to meet/see again.  Now there's one more!   :)


Edit to add: when you find out your itinerary, don't forget to post it in the thread "arrivals/departures"  otherwise Ric and Cliff will spank you!

Andy Velez:
So if I report my itinerary, can I still get spanked anyway?

Ric Wilke:
Andy, be careful what you wish for. . .


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