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very worried-??? 4 experts

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Hi Experts,

I am very worred and cannot sleep.  This has completely been affecting my life the last 2 days and I am happy I came across this site.

I got a massage from a girl in a parlor (no sex and she didn't try).  She massaged me very rough (i think she just wanted to get it over with).  I noticed that she had a cut on her hand after when I was shaking it.  I don't think it was a fresh cut, but I couldn't tell.

After seeing this I made sure to check my body for any cuts or openings just to be safe.  I noticed that I had a mosquito bite that I had scratched too much that scabbed over prior to the massage.

She massaged me so hard that she took THE SCAB OFF AND IT WAS BLEEDING SLIGHTLY.  I COMPLETELY LOST IT, started shaking, sweating, I had an anxiety attack.

I am so scarred that I Could I have gotten infected if she had HIV and her cut touched the scabbless opening?
The lessons say I need to wait 13 weeks to test.  I can't wait that long are there any other alternatives? 
How much risk did I have?

Actually. the lessons state pretty clearly that you do not need to test. I urge you to reread the lessons in transmission.

You were at absolutely zero risk for HIV infection. HIV is not a pathogen that can infect rhough skin contact, even with infectious fluids. Your mosquito bite is irrelevant.

Think about it. If HIv were that easy to transmit, A) it would be classified as contagious rather than infectious, and B) the world would be doomed.

Take a look at Ann's, JK's, and Matty's replies under my post. I read it often when I am scared....particularly the one saying that I have 0 risk even though I had open cuts around my shaven area. It helps me pass time when I am scared....hope it helps bring you comfort with your mosquito bite scenerio.....

In my case (and I trust yours) the experts say we have 0 (ZERO) risk with open cuts around the penis even if HIV vaginal fluid was poured all over the open cuts/sores.

Ann, Andy, Moderators do you agree with Jkinatl?  Any doctors agree with Jkinatl?

1. Regular massage (no sex, no hand job, nothing), the mosquito bite was on my leg
2. she rubbed the leg so hard with her hand on the scab over the scratched bite that she ripped the scab off and so there was a bleeding sore.
3. She had a cut on her hand (I am not sure if it was fresh or not), but there was a cut

really still no risk, no test, nothing, move on?

Andy Velez:
Stop allowing your anxiety to get you to start new threads. Keep your entries in this thread. I deleted the other thread you began.

Jonathan is not an MD, but a great many MDs would benefit to know as much as he does about HIV and related issues.

He's totally correct about this incident you're concerned about. There was absolutely no risk for HIV transmission no matter what ifs your mind may continue to churn up. None. Zilch. Nada.

You need to let go of this unfounded concern and get on with your life.


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