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Top Ten tips for banishing HIV WOES

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--- Quote from: Dachshund on July 03, 2006, 09:11:57 AM ---ps. I am using the money that I would normally put into retirement to pay for my shrink, fresh food, and my pet. He's right, I am daft.
--- End quote ---
Ok, so unlike the rest of the world, you, Hal, have limited funds with unlimited needs.   ::)  I take it the list isn't for you.  That's okay, we are all free to take or better still, IGNORE advice.


Don't worry about me...this daft, little risk taker will be soaking up the winter sun in Ibiza.

Hal :P

I like lists.  Things on there keep me ticking.

Right now I'm finishing up breakfast (see #7), then I'm going outside, behind the pump house, and row for an hour (#7), then to Home Depot to buy paint(#4, 8,) with Michael (#6) and the "kids" (#9) and flirt with the cashier(#'s 4,5,6). We're painting both the inside and the outside, (#10) "building for the future" and getting ready for Michael's mother, sister and boyfriend who are coming to visit in the fall. (#10)

I do all this so I can be (#1) "good to myself".


as with most things self-help, s'a bit simplistic, patronising even to some...but i think the general idea is in the right place. Perhaps more of a pep talk for the newly diagnosed?

and hal, i now have visions of you " 'aving it large" (as they say over here) in the party capitol of the baleariacs...good plan, mr dachshund  8)




  Good list...   Robert that was friggin awesome!



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