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Whats My Line (on Game show network)

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I've gotten hooked on that old 1950's tv show Whats My Line. They have the celebratity guest and its interesting to see some of those stars so long ago. One guest was Betty Davis and she was raving about this new singer she loved named Barbara Streisand.

On another show they kept talking about the studio and all the commotion next door because The Beatles we appearing.

One interesting note (I thought). I googled the panel members and found Arlene Francis just died in 2001 from Alzheimer's Disease. And Dorothy Kilgallen died in 1965, found dead from a drug od. But, its said she was on the track of information on the J.F Kennedy assassination and she was knocked off to keep her silent, and made to look like a drug od.

The show is kinda of a fun look back.

Hello Randy,

We don't have that channel on our line-up, but, I have watched it before. I think they even show the old tv commercials ,don't they ? I remember "whats my line" when I was a kid  :)


Ive watched that too. They introduced a young and upcoming was Johnny Carson.  I watch alot of the old game shows on GSN.
Have you seen the new Ive got a secret on GSN? Im hooked on it...LOL

Hugs Teresa


I remember that show from when I was a kid (gasp!)  Didn't know they replay it on GSN.

I always remember the line:  "Two down and three to Miss Gilgallen". 


The new "I've Got A Secret" is freakin hilarious.  Not to mention Billy Bean is completely YUM!!!

I love to watch those old game shows, way before my time, but there is just something cool about them.  And I think it's so funny the product sponsors..."and we have you as a parting gift a carton of Lucky Strikes".  LOL  ...and Ogilvie home perms.  HA!!!  Too much.

Happy 4th of July!!!



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