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really worried need some advice

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im a 29 yr old male....i had recently had sex with 2 young about 3or 4 weeks ago the other maybe 2.5 weeks ago. On the first incident I had sex with protection..and during the session my condom slipped a little exposing some of the base of my penis....i ejaculated in her and then removed the condom very cautiously....i then went to the wash my penis with soap and water and i also went number 1 (pissed) becuz i was told every time u finish having sex pissing is encouraged.  The 2nd incident i had sex with a condom..there was no slippage the condom stayed on and there was no problem...but i did lightly lick her outside of her now i found myself feeling pain on both my groin area where the lymph nodes are located...i really cant tell if my my lymph nodes are swollen or they are just the way they are...the pain has subsided however i feel weird twitching on 1 side of my groin...(light pain)...i have been feeling weak at times..and to include a throat has been not really sore but irritated...but i noticed before i had sex with the 2 tonsils were red and had white spots on in a way i cancel out the throat symptoms due to that....i am a very stupid married i have 3 kids...and i am some what worried that i might have contracted something...the fact that i used protection gives me a little confidence that i might be just fine..however i realize that im playing with fire and i dont want others to be affected becuz of my stupidity....which is a lesson learned... just hope its not to late for me and my health....plz help me......ive been stressing for a good 3 weeks..and i need closure or advise....thank you

You had protected sex, for all your symptoms see your doctor. This is not an HIV concern.

thank you for youre u think that it is just related to me stressing.....i forgot to mention that i had an itchy rash on my forearm and left inner thigh wich were red and bumpy, which have gone after 3 or 4 almost felt like heat rash but was unsure....after all this..i have done lots of research and learned alot  about hiv.....facts that have calmed me down..but at time i question myself again...what do you thin about the rash...

Andy Velez:
OK, right off the top the most important thing is that you used condoms during these incidents. They provide very effective protection, including for straying husbands. So there's no basis in anything you did to be concerned about HIV nor any need for testing.

Your symptoms? You need to discuss them with your doctor. Other STDs are easier to get than HIV. I say that not to alarm you but it's simply what's so. Have a straightforward talk with your doctor about it all. There is absolutely nothing HIV-specific about your symptoms but that's not surprising since you didn't do anything risky.

Drop your guilt overboard right now. You're a dog like the rest of us and you went straying. You can't undo that. Take a breath and let it go. It's the most loving thing you can do for your family and all concerned. Really.

This is NOT an HIV situation. Really.  

roger that sir! ur saying that this maybe just myself stressing that is causing these far as straying like a dog...i think i learned a good lesson here and will remain loyal and faithful....i dont think a few minutes of extasy with a prositiute is worth feeling the guilty and fear of contracting something...and stressing out....thinking if i might have given it to a loved one...i couldnt live with thank you for your information.....and fellas lets think with our heads and not the one down below....our family is important to us..lets not have them suffer for our mistakes....godbless you all


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