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Ok, I finally broke down and registered!!!  Looks funny to have no posts to my name after getting to 2k before the move.  Guess that makes me a newbie!!! 

I'm finally healing up after this last surgery.  Because of the location, It has been the worst of the 3 I've had now.  It still hurts to sit for long in one position, can't wear tight clothes, and they have had to put off my 3 month pap exam for 2 months now because the pain is still so bad.  Got my bloodwork done this last Wednesday, so don't know what this surgery did to me.  I do feel like I've been run over by a Mack truck tho.  I'm finally off the vicodin, so I'm functioning a bit better (why that stuff has to get my blood pressure going thru the roof is just not fair!!).  I've managed to get thru most my quarterly/annual test despite all this garbage.  Just have my chest C-T Scan left to go. 

I'll check back in later.  It's finally down to the mid-70's, so I'd better go sleep fast before the dam sun comes up.  Been at least 100 for over a week now.  So we try to only turn on the computers after it starts cooling off.

Good to see how many have made the move!!  Hope y'all are doin well, I'll try to do more reading catch up.

Hi Nancy just wanted 2 drop a line and tell u (like u didn't already know) that those are the cuttest kitties.  Theres nothing like kittens 2 put a smile on your face and luv in your heart   :)

Thanks 4 the Pics

Hi Nancy

It's so good to see that beautiful face have certainly been through the works, but as I've always said, you are one strong lady.

Your new additions are just so cute thanks for sharing them with know what the guys are like on here, they love their cats.

Thinking of you and don't be such a stranger in furure, you have been missed.
Let us know how the results go and the results of the C-T scan.

Jan :-*

Peter B:
Hi Nancy, good to see & hear from you! I don't have too much to say these days but often wonder how you are? Keep well and enjoy the cute kittens.


My Darlin Nancy.

When the hell are you going to quit letting people cut on that pretty body of yours???

I am so glad for this update, and to see you are having a good result from your Bengal breeding.  Wow, these guys are really cute.  Nice to see you posting and to see your pretty face once again.

Looking forward to your total recovery.

In Love, and Support.


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