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Does Lexapro work?

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So I've been a little stressed and depressed. Okay maybe really stressed and depressed.
Anyway, I'm starting therapy at the Gay Men's Health Center on Monday which I'm looking forward to.

I start school in 2 weeks and considered starting Lexapro soon but I'm worried about the potential side effects.
I feel the doc was really trying to push me to go on antidepressants to "take the edge off"...I told her I wanted to think about it.

Who has had positive results on Lexapro specifically? 

Andy Velez:
Shadow, I support your questioning this and wonder if perhaps some more conversation would be in order before moving ahead.

Take "what edge" off and if there's such an "edge," whatever that means, maybe it's there for good reasons and THAT'S what should be explored rather than simply adding on another pharmaceutical.

Good luck with your session at GMHC.

Keep us posted on how it's going.


Um. I know a tonne of strict Catholics, and I have never heard anyone fearing drugs that affect brain chemistry. Maybe you could clarify for me, because that's just plain bizarre.

i'm not getting the catholic brain drug thingy either.  and for myself, i think the line between drugs for the body and drugs for the brain is drawn with a bullshit pen.

the brain IS a part of the body, and as such is just as subject to imbalances and maladies as any other limb or organ. 

if anything, when it comes to things fucking up the brain, i think religions might only be jealous of having competition.

Matty the Damned:
I'm come from a very strict Catholic upbringing so I'm very scared of drugs for the brain.

Matty the Damned was brought in a painfully strict catholic environment and far from having a problem with drugs for the brain, he remembers Catholics being all for them. I mean at Mass every Sunday morning, the priest knocked back a cup full of wine.



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