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Hi ladies,

I'm not a mom yet but my husband and I are planning and trying.  I'm a crunchy granola type of chick.  I've done so much research on our disease and mothering and in particular, breastfeeding.  Before I had this, it was no question that I would breastfeed.  Now, that option has changed and it is very disheartening for me.  I know the view of breastfeeding in our country (US) and as of December 2006, there has been more research about HIV + women and breastfeeding.  I know I'll make the proper decision when I cross that bridge but I would like to know other women's thoughts on this topic and for the mothers, how did you feel when you made your decision and what factors did you deal with.

Hi Cat,

I breastfed my daughter, but that was 20 years ago, ten years before I was positive.

If I had a baby now, being poz, there is NO WAY I would breastfeed. NO WAY. It's just too risky.


I always planned on breastfeeding until I found out I was poz. There is a risk of transmission if you breastfeed, there is no risk from formula. The choice was easy for me.

At the time I was pregnant and gave birth, I was positive, and didn't know it. I nursed my daughter until she was eight months old. At ten months old is when I found out. She was 'indeterminite' at the time, until she hit eighteen months old when she was negative.

After learning that breastfeeding is a big no-no for positive women, I count my blessings every day that she was negative. It's hard enough making that decision to have a baby and being positive. I can't imagine putting my child at further risk by nursing it, no matter how much I wanted to have that experience.

Ohla Muchacha's.
Breastfeeding is not recommended for positive mothers. If you are pregnant and take all the steps necessary such as taking care of yourself and taking your meds properly, then the chances of transmission is less than 1%. Breast feeding adds another 25%. It just doesn't make sense. I used formula with my son, and he was always in the 95% range for height and weight.

Here's my take on the old debate, breast feed or formula feed.
1. I know alot of mothers who could not breast feed due to boob malfunctions, and they're kids are just fine.
2. The mother gives the baby her antibodies for defense, breast milk only gives more. So with out it you are losing some valuable immuno defenses, but nutritionly formula is very good.
3. There are now so many different forms of formula on the market, that even allergies are a thing of the past.
4. The only real bummer about formula is the cost, but depending on where you live, there are programs to hellp with that.

For all those positive moms or moms to be, don't worry about formula, it's really quite good, and can be easier than breastfeeding too. Bonding is the same, and even dad can help out with feeding as well......

Keep staying healthy.


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