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I do not use a condom during foreplay, but I do not let a guy fully penetrate without putting a condom on I do however allow some penetrate. I have also sometimes take the condom off for a bit while performing oral sex. I have read that pre-ejaculatory fluid can contain the HIV virus.

About a month ago I developed a white tongue, I used a tongue scraper to try to get rid of it but it did not work and it made my tongue swollen. My doctor tried me on anti-fungal medication that did n't get rid of it. She told me not to worry and that it was probably caused by a viral infection. I am not sure if I am over reacting.

Andy Velez:
Ray, it's not exactly clear what we're talking about here, and HIV is never something to guess about. Foreplay is one thing and penetration, "fully" or otherwise is quite something else.

So if in the course of "fooling around" there's been any penetration, however brief, then it's a good idea to get tested.

As far as the condtion of your tongue, there is absolutely nothing about what is concerning you that suggests HIV infection to me. Just in general neither the presence nor the absence of symptoms is ever the way to know about your HIV status.  Giving oral is at the very low end of the risk scale. There is much substantial documentation to indicate the risk for HIV is more theoretical than actual.

In general it's a good idea if you're sexually active to get tested at least annually, and more frequently if there has been unprotected intercourse.

Please clarify if I am missing something about your "intercourse."

What I am saying is that during foreplay there was genital to genital contact and sometimes the tip of the penis slipped in. Also recently I have been having vaginal discharge along with thrush (I've had thrush before but its getting worse). I had a STD test not including HIV, the GP did a test for the most common ones and when nothing showed up told me I think they did a further test anyway she told me that I was infected with ureaplasma. I asked if anything else could be wrong and she said I was fine. What is the likelihood if you have a rather beign sexually transmitted infection of also having HIV. I've heard that if you have any sexually transmitted infections the risk of becoming infected with HIV increases. Could this just be stress?

Another thing have also been put on antibotics for the ureaplasma infection so that may be causing the re-occurance of the yeast problem although have been taking acidophilus. Also have numerous small ulcers in mouth and teeth marks in mouth. Everyone is telling me I am silly and there is no need to worry. I last had sex over 3 months ago so now would be a good time to get tested, right?


Yes, any hiv test performed at this point would be conclusive. 


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