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Black Crowes concert tomorrow!


I don't give a flip if it's 70% chance of rain, this could end up like a Green Day mudsling and I don't even care!  Robert Randolph's band is opening, and it's in a groovy natural wooded amphitheatre called The Backyard, and the best part of all is that my girl friend's boyfriend, who can't partake due to his gout, is the Designated Driver!!!!

So if I don't post tomorrow night, it didn't get rained out.  If I don't post Tuesday, it's because I'm recovering!!!

Can I have some lemonade?


My co-worker went to this concert last week near San Francisco and enjoyed it immensely.  But then it's 4:20 all the time with him, lol.

Can't begin to tell you all the camera phone pix i've gotten with him and his various bongs, plus all the sloppy drunk voice mails from concerts.

have a good time,


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