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Planning a wedding in Scotland

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So we have decided after months of bickering about getting married in Minnesota or on a cruise to Alaska that we are getting married in Scotland. Fiance has been there several times but I have not. We are looking at a castle
 or a great hall Depending on the availability it will be Septemger to December of next year. I am started to get excited about this. I guess we will have a party when we get back for the rest of the family at his father's house.

What a lucky lassie you are!!! You'll love Scotland. I've only visited once--but because I'm Scottish-Irish, I fully intend to go back again. What a great idea for a wedding place. At least you have that settled, now you can pick something else to bicker about. ::) It's such a great idea because then you can honeymoon right away in the destination country or those nearby.


Congratulations!!! Looks like an amazing place. I love scotland!

Now, if my BF would propose "to make an honest woman out of me", I would marry him in a ditch somewhere, I don't care where or how...  ;D

Congratulations!  Have fun planning and keep us posted! ;)

Hi Mom

I was born and raised in Scotland, Edinburgh in fact,  such a beautiful and historical City, and in summer the Princes Street gardens are stunning, they lie at the foot of the Castle.

My son was married in St Margarets Chapel in Edinburgh Castle, it's the headquarters of the "Black Watch Regiment" my son was a serving soldier at the time.

I have seen quite a few wedding there, St Margaret's is just a small Chapel (would seat about 30 comfortably) but it's just beautiful..check it out I'm sure you will love it.

P.S.  Stay away from Glasgow and Aberdeen they are really dismal Cities..I've lived in both.

Jan :-*


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