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I have just found out that I was positive. (I believe I was infected 10/06.) The first couple of days I did nothing but cry and was suicidal. I was told to see an ID doc.  He told me I probably wouldn't need meds for 3-7 years.  When I got the results, I was cd4:258 and viral load 90,000.  They gave me a pcp penemonia shot right away. I am now being told I should be on meds within 6 months.  I am so scared to take meds..just read about sustiva and mental health and burst into tears and feel terrified now.   I did not do drugs, smoke or any ill stuff like that for close to 10 years, have a good diet, sleep good.  I have always had Thalessemia minor (mediterranean anemia) otherise always healthy.  I was also told that I had Hepatitis B and fought it off because the test said I am immune to it now.  I don't know what to do.  I don't know if my numbers will improve without meds, but I am terrified to take them because of the side effects.  I have a job with a lot of responsibility and will be going into a busy period shortly and I will have to be at full speed, I can't be zoning out. 

They are saying these combinations are the choices 1) Atripla  2) Reyataz,Norvor and Epelcon or Truvada  3) Lexiva, Norvir and Epelcon or Truvada.  (May have spelled wrong)

 I just don't know how as a total top I could have gotten infected.  There was just one time the condom broke..

I would be so grateful for advice.  Up until this nightmare came into my life, my  life was so blessed and amazing, now it feels like all my happiness leaves a little more every day.  I don't understand what there will be to live for.

Matty the Damned:

Take a deep deep breath sweetheart. This is gonna be OK.

First up welcome to the Forums. Welcoming a new member is always a bittersweet thing. I'm sorry you had to join us, but I'm also glad that you found your way here.

As for advice, my first and main piece of advice would be that you take the time to read our Lessons for the newly diagnosed which cover the various tests and treatment options you have. If you have any questions from these don't hesitate to post here or in our Living With forums.

Secondly, work closely with your doctor. HIV is a two way deal and your relationship with your medical team should be seen as a partnership that includes you as an equal member.

Thirdly, don't freak about those current numbers. Your still early in your infection and it can take up to 18 months for your numbers to settle into a reasonable pattern.



Hi, welcome to the forums. I would only say that you should try to calm down and relax, you know there are lot of people who have been in meds for over 20 years. It is not an easy path, but if they could handle it you can do it too. Check up the lessons section of the site and talk to your dr about your fears and concerns. You still have time to eliminate the fear and see the great chances meds can offer you to live a good life, just go slowly and be optimistic.


Juan Carlos

Hi City Boy

I was diagnosed in April and last night was my third time taking Atripla.  I was so worried about side effects, but ugh,............ WHAT SIDE EFFECTS???   The first day I felt a little dizziness but that was it and today I feel totally normal.

So, everyone is different and you may very well not experience any side effects, or you may have to change meds, but there are 22 different meds and some combination WILL work for you.

Looking back over the worrying I have done since April was a total waste of time and energy.  Oh well.  I should have listened to my friends who told me it would be okay - They were right.

Take care City Boy glad you found you found here.

Hey listen it DOES GET BETTER.  just relax and realize that you're going to be here for a long time, so you might as well start being good to yourself in every way.  Also, JOIN A SUPPORT GROUP!  GMHC's newly diagnosed group saved my life and now I have friends that I talk to virtually every day and enrich my life.  Also, your numbers aren't that bad and they always jump around at the beginning.  You might have to start meds soon, but so what?  My boyfriend and I both started within a couple months of being diagnosed and litleraly have no side effects - ok a few runs at the beginning, but that's totally normal now.  Doesn't affect my work or anything else.  Also, we are both taking one of the options your doc told you about (me - reyataz/norvir/truvada, him- Lexiva/norvir/epzicom.  I did take sustiva briefly and had a pretty hard time with it, so if that happens to you you can always switch, but many people don't.  The meds work, period. 
You've come to the right place and you will be here for many happy, healthy years!

by the way, one of my friends from the group is also a total top, so you're not alone or somehow singled out in that. 


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