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Thank you Ray,

Actually, my liver enzymes are normal. I drink very seldom and don't even get drunk. Sorry about saying this it isn't harmful for the liver.... i wasn't sure and i should refrain from saying "medical" stuff without being sure...

as you know i just switched and dropped sustiva for viramune.   I drink... ermmm... alot.

After switching I had less a desire to drink initially, because i was finally feeling tired enough to sleep instead of the insomnia i usually have. 

Over the weekend I did have some wine :) and had a much more peculiar reaction of being more emotional and 'pained/stressed' and sadness (much more than normal).

Now, i have had drinks other times since starting viramune and have not had the effect like this.

For now, I chalk it up to some weird brain chemistry of withdrawal from sustiva... hell, if it was giving us side effects when we were on it, it's likely to have some side effects weaning off it.   

I don't relate that episode to the viramune at all (though it may be, but that's not my perception).   I think it's just residual sustiva which can take up to 3 weeks to cleanse your system of.

Kinda like an acid flashback.   

Hi Joel.....My name is Joel as well.  I just wanted to say that my partner who has had to stop drinking entirely due to liver problems (lipodystrophy)  can still drink a NON-ALCHOLIC BEER without any problems at all. When he drinks something alchoholic....he develops a fever and sweats....and is very uncomfortable.

Mine seemed to be more depression and mood. I'm usually really good with stress but my tolerance for challenges have been unusually low. The other odd thing is I never had any of the odd or vivid dreams everyone talks about while taking Sustiva. Since switching to Viramune I started having them. Nothing disturbing but very vivid. Dingboi, you're right, though there is probably still Sustiva still in our systems. For the meantime I'm staying away from alcohol.

In the interest of science, I will drink a bottle of wine tonight and report my findings in the morning :P


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