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What concerns you most about living longer with HIV/AIDS?

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 :P What is your biggest concern for living longer with HIV/AIDS?


--- Quote from: newbernswiss on August 12, 2007, 06:46:46 PM --- :P What is your biggest concern for living longer with HIV/AIDS?

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Tough question.  I'm not sure I can come up with one issue that concerns me the "most".  There are so many issues that most of us LTS are struggling with.

I suppose for me, right now, it's the financial issue.  I retired from a well paying job on January 1 of 1994 cause I was told I had 18 - 24 months to live.  I gave up a lot then, but even more if you consider where I'd be today had that not happened.  I also did as so many others and lived as if there were not many tomorrows.  (Once on a extended Prednisone treatment I went out and bought a Camaro Z28--I hated that damn car!)

Today I'm fortunate that I have a small LTD income in addition to my SSDI.  When I turn 65, that will go away.

Living on a fixed income makes paying the bills every month hard (especially when there is a huge disparity in income between my partner and myself--we split everything 50/50 and I won't let it be any other way.)  Doing it when I'm over 65 and beyond, doing it for another 20 -25 years (I fully plan of living to a ripe old age!), that just seems impossible.  I don't know how to fix that.

The close second is maintaining my access to quality health care and the prescriptions drugs that keep me alive. 

These two alternate positions frequently, but today, it's the financial issue.


My biggest fear is when will I start looking sick. I constantly try to work at getting past this fear. I tell myself that we are all going to get old sick and die regardless of what disease it is. All I can do is make the best of what I have now and have faith that I will handle anything else that comes up

Learning to deal with the ailments associated with growing older - on top of living with the issues faced by we hi-fivers.

It is one thing to face living with PN, lipo, etc. But just when you get somewhat acclimated, mother nature begins to add on the other things such as cataracts, arthritis and the like.

Then you add in the things that may be age related, or HIV related, or HIV meds related, such as high cholesterol.

There are times when it is a bit overwhelming.

I guess the only answer is to roll with the punches and come up fighting.




--- Quote from: DCGUY2007 on August 13, 2007, 02:55:35 AM ---My biggest fear is when will I start looking sick.
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My biggest fear is about when I will start to look old!!! LOL  :D

I actually have lot of not fears, but concerns.... will i be married? will i be lonely? who will take care of me when i would be weak? when will my relatives start to leave this earth? will i go first? will i be last one? if i stay alive.. will i be able to take care of myself?

Actually the list grows and grows the more i think about it... so i took a decission... i won't think about it by now. When i become 50 or more i will try to answer some of those questions, even though.... life could have given me the answer for several of them by that time.

Juan Carlos (living a day at a time)


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