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Question about restarting meds

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Hi everyone,
                I have restarted meds.My question is why would the dr restart me on the same combo i was on before i stopped.It was a structured treatment break that unfortunately only lasted 6 weeks.  :( my #'s crashed by %50 in 6 weeks.EEP. that wasn't a good thing to happen.Is there any chance of resistance since i stopped the meds 6 weeks ago?

Which combo?


The chance of resistance here is very, very low and would only apply to the Viread in the Truvada really, where there is a theoretical chance that the long time this drug takes to clear your system has allowed a resistant strain to develop, perhaps therefore compromising the effectiveness of several nukes.  But if you stopped with an undetectable viral load I wouldn't fret about this too much, since the few days it takes Viread to clear out is about equal to the time it would have taken for your viral load to jump to a decent replicating level.  On the PIs, these wash out pretty fast so the chance of developing a resistance is, I expect, effectively zero.

Hope your nos. improve soon.

- matt

Don't feel bad Chris. I had it in my head that if you went off of a combo, that you had to start from scratch when resuming meds. I don't know why I was driven by this idea, but when I went off my meds back in November(what a colossal mess that was), Rachel insisted I start back on my meds immediately.
It was kinda like a eureka moment when I shared my thoughts about the subject, and thankfully she schooled me with gentility.
I've been on Trizivir, and Viramune with really good sucess for nearly five years now (except for the month long mistake).
The one thing I know can't ever take again is Zerit. Not because of resistance, but because of the devastating side effect of going completely numb from the hips down.
Man o' man, nerve endings hurt really badly when in the process of recovering.
Hope your numbers bounce back quicky. :)


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