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Boyfriend claims I gave him HIV

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Andy Velez:
I don't know what the references to a poll are about, Diamond. Oh never mind, I see it above now.

I'm going to skip that since it makes no sense whatsoever and has no place here.

What is not clear from what you have written is when you took and HIV test in relation to the last time you had unprotected intercourse. Actually even the matter of whether your ex-boyfriend is actually HIV positive is not absolute.

The bottom line is that you need to get tested if you had unprotected intercourse outside of a securely monogamous relationship in which both partners tested negative together at an appropriate time, meaning at 13 weeks past the most recent unprotected intercourse. Your doctor is out of date about the six months waiting period. The CDC, which is quite conservative about such things, recommends testing at 13 weeks for definitive result.

Additionally, unless you are in the kind of relationship I described above you should make sure any guy you are with is wearing a latex condom everytime you intercourse. No exceptions, no matter what you think you know about his history or what he says or how great he looks. A condom is a must everytime.

Please clarify if there is something I am missing here.

Good luck on your test.

I find a few things confusing. 

If you tested conclusively negative during pregnancy, why would they test your child?  That seems odd.  I am aware that HIV tests, at least in Canada are done on all pregnant women, but not normally the child if the mother's test was negative, that makes it redundant.   But...ok.

You will have to wait for the test result to be sure I guess.  Its all about whether or not you had unprotected sex, and if your tests were conclusive depends on the timelines and you didn't cover them.  As for your ex's tests....this is about your results, not his.

13 weeks after any exposure, that's not for polls or opinion, just the facts.

I also found the poll very odd to say the least.



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