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Boyfriend claims I gave him HIV

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Well Wednesday I got a message out of the blue from an EX boyfriend who I have not seen in like two years and he claims I gave him HIV.

I went and got tested Thursday and will not get the results till Monday but am trying to stay calm and my doctor even said she does not think I have it.

The only way I could of got it is from my sons dad who was in the military and I would of been informed if he had HIV and I was tested while pregnant and my test was negative and my son was tested when born and he was negative.

My doctor was telling me that it shows up within 13 weeks to 6 months of exposure and if your test comes back negative at 6 months you likely do not have it.

My ex boyfriend entered boot camp 9 months after we split and they gave him a physical which included a HIV test and it came back negative and then he got another physical that included an HIV test when he joined the military and it came back negative. Their is no way he would of made it past two HIV test without it showing up especially when both the test were done over 6 months after we split, he had to of got it after he entered the military or boot camp or right before.

I know he has dated other girls since me and from what he told me he is engaged and my parents and doctor said they believe he is assuming I gave him HIV because I do have herpes and because of it he assumes I gave him HIV.

I am very sure they are going to tell me that my test is negative but still here and their I think what if it comes back positive and it scares me to death. :'(

Am I just worrying myself for nothing?

polls are not to be used to do risk assessment and shouldn't be used in this forum at all.

This is not something that is voted on.

This has been veiwed 71 times and only one person answered who posted none useful information and was being an ass.

Well posting on here was a waste of my time

Matty the Damned:

We don't owe you anything, so drop the attitude. We do this for free. You WOULD have gotten responses (depsite the fact you posted a poll) in due time. I fancy after your latest hissy-fit, no one will bother at all.


not your monkey.

Your poll indicated that you were not being serious. Your attitude confirms that. Get a test if you are concerned, and especially if you have never gotten a test before.


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