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Recently infected, looking for HIV doctors in North Jersey / NYC area

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Hi All,

This is my first post as an infected person, and I'm not even sure if this his the right forum for this, but I'd appreciate any recommendations for HIV doctors in the North Jersey / NYC area. First, I know HIV doctors don't grow on trees, and second, I know doctors can receive mixed reviews. If anyone could please give me suggestions, I would be grateful.

Thank you.

PS: I want to also commend Peter & company for great work in fighting this terrible disease.

Hi there - I think this is a perfect post for your question, since you are newly diagnosed and likely to have many questions.  Let us know how you are doing otherwise, like emotionally?  Have you had any blookwork done?  I don't know that many doctors, but can highly recommend the practice of Stephen Dillon on 14th street in Manhattan (you can google the number).  He has been an hiv practitioner since the beginning but also hard to get an appointment with, so anyone else in his practice would also be good - there is a younger doctor there named Krisczar Bungay who is excellent and very easy to get appointment with and talk to. hes also gay.

Hi, i am not in the states, but i wanted to say welcome to the forums. You can also find info about Drs in an Aso near to you. There is a link to a list of them on

Warm greetings,

Juan Carlos

Dr Dennis Miller at 4 East 76th St.  He is a kind and gentle soul, and quite talented to boot.  His assistant is Rene, who is a great lady as well. 


Astor Medical Group

67 Irving Place(at 18th Street) 5th Floor
New York, NY 10003
212 253-2968

Dr. David Kim but all the people in the practice are great.

I like him because he is my GP as well as my ID doctor so I don't have to go to different people at different times. 

He listens!!!  Also, I have never had to wait to see a doctor (they have nurse practitioners who are freed  up for people who have to be seen that day).

I would just make sure you see someone with experience in the area of HIV care.



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