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Hi ladies,
I'm sorry so the long delay, my dad came to visit this week and really have not had time to read nor post anything. The other thread was getting to long so I decided to start a new one.
Thanks for all the concern, things have gotten better with the neck pain, now that I'm finally at a desk and not standing all day, I've been so busy I've not had to chance to try the heat thing yet, but I will this Sunday. I need to work this Saturday, but it's overtime so it's all good.
About the DN&C, I was offered one after I had  a bad miscarrage when I was 18, but I refused to have it because I was told the risks was possible scar tissue resulting which could inhibit pregnancy later on. Please talk with your doc about all the side effects of the procedure. Is it absolutely neccesary? Is there any other way of getting info? maybe a biopsy?.... God I hope there is another solution, that seems so harsh. Please let us know.

 As far as work, it's okay, nothing new so far, I don't have a computer of my own yet, untill monday, even so they monitor all online activity, so I cant read or post on the forum during work hours.... :( :-[....which means my activity on this forum is going to be slowed up.....Sorry folks, but if anyone wants to email me with any questions, feel free, u might get a faster response that way, My email is

Thank you all for  alll the support and love you have sent my way, with out honestly i would be lost. I really look forward to reading the posts every time i"m online, u women out there are trully inspirational.......
Much love,

 ;) You take care of you first..ok..don't worry about posting when u can.. I would
hate it if  u lost your job due to posting or making calls from your job..
When u have time, call me ok..Glad u posted so i know whats going on with you..
If you dont call me, i can always check in our forum and find your monkeyass somewhere
among the forums...luv n stuff Beth... :-*

Love you too, always make me smile.... ;D ;D ;D


Glad you're alright, zachy'smom.  Please take care of yourself. :-*

Thanks ladies,
I must be getting tired cause i've been missing spelling all of my' ;)


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