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An AMAZING weekend...


I am sitting in the airport here in Sacramento after having spent one of the most incredible 24 hour spans of time in my life.  I am completely overwhelmed.  Meeting Zephyr and SDGirl has changed me.  I feel so completely empowered right now.  I knew that meeting them both would be "fun" and "cool", but I never anticipated that it would have such a profound impact on me.  Words can't express it.  And on some level, I feel like everyone here in this family enabled us to meet.  If not for the forums here, we may not have ever known that each other existed.  The planets aligned for a day and we were able to make this meeting happen.  We had the best time.  It was EXACTLY what I needed.  Having had this weekend makes me that much more excited to meet so many more of this family in Montreal.  While Montreal is a fantastic city, it wouldn't matter where our gathering happens, as long as it happens.  Thanks everyone for being here and allowing us to share our lives, loves, setbacks and successes.  Love and hugs to you each and every one of you.

Shane  :D

The Canuck:

This is great to read you enjoyed your meeting and the photos ( a different topic ) showed exactly that. My only meeting was limited to one person so far but had a wonderful afternoon that day. I'm certain a lot of people will benefit from the Montreal gathering at different levels and for different reasons too, yet all that matter is there's always a benefit attached to these events

I'm looking forward to meet you and all the others in Montreal.  :-X


The Canuck

Hi Shane!

Honey, as you were posting this thread, I was typing a response under Lisa's thread (ZEPH, LISA, SHANE...) at the very same time!!! What is incredible is how we basically said the same exact thing, at the same exact time!!

You are probably in the air now, flying off toward know you are taking part of my heart with you, as is Lisa, and thank you so, so much for coming to visit me.

I think you are an amazing young man, and I know that every dream you have will have what it takes!!

This town will always seem a brighter place, now that you and Lisa have been here. It will never be the same for me, that's for sure!

Love you,

xxooxx and <<<HUGS>>>


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