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HIV and Aging: Forum at Duke University AIDS Research and Treatment Center


The Duke University AIDS Research and Treatment Center is hosting a forum to update those of us living with HIV/AIDS and aliies on the latest from the International Conference on AIDS.  Part of the focus of this forum is the topic of HIV and aging, to address concerns of long-term survivors (you define yourself...I am not picky).  Click here to see the invitation.

I have spoken with Scott Pollard at Duke about collecting questions from anyone who might want to know more.  If you have any questions relating to HIV and aging, long-term survival and/or long-term exposure to HAART, please email your questions to me at ron(dot)hudson(at)verizon(dot)net and I will compile a list to take with me to the forum.  Afterwards, I will post the questions and answers on my blog and here.  Please feel free to send as many questions as you please.  If I am inundated with queries, I will do my best to consolidate and answer as many as possible.

Please send me your questions by 20 August, 2007.

Peace to you all.

Ron Hudson


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