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scared. please help.

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I'm new to this forum, so I'm sorry if I do something wrong.

About ten days ago I had protected vaginal sex with a sex worker.  It only lasted about a minute, then I took off the condom and left.  A couple of days after this I began having mild constipation and feeling joint pains.  Now I also have a sore throat and muscle aches.  And when I read on the internet that these were symptoms of acute HIV infection, I got really scared.

I saw a doctor, he said it was very unlikely I got infected.  He asked I return in three months to take the hiv test, though.

I'm scared the condom may have not worked or that I may have not used it correctly.  I used a latex condom.  It didn't break, and it didn't slip off my penis.  But, there may have been air in the condom.  Does that make it less effective?

I'm really scared, guys.  Please help.  This is constantly in my mind, day and night.   

Protected sex is not a risk for HIV.

Thanks for the comment.  I'm really worried because it was my first time using a condom for sex.  I'm not sure if I used correctly. 

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Andy Velez:
Fortunately feelings aren't facts. Using a condom for intercourse is a fact. Latex condoms have been proven to be very effective protection against HIV transmission.

Unlike your doctor, I don't see any need for testing in relation to this incident nor for further concern on your part.

Just keep using a condom everytime you have intercourse and you'll be fine as far as HIV is concerned.

Be aware that along with being very exciting, becoming sexually active also can stir up a lot of anxiety for a variety of reasons. I suspect that's playing some part in relation to your recent experience. You're doing just fine and it's the smartest thing for you to always use a condom for intercourse, no matter whom you are with.

This time out I don't see any reason to worry further. If you have symptoms ongoing, discuss them with your doctor. This is not an HIV situation.



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