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Moving to the South??? :( HELP!

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I am a West Coast guy...born in Oregon. I am 31 and have lived in Seattle, Los Angeles, Portland, and at one point, Dallas, Texas. I have been positive for a tad over 6 years, but last year I developed the dreaded PML and was forced to sell my home in Portland and move in with mom. I am still not quite well enough to venture back out on my own physically and of course financially. I am grateful to receive SSD, but shit, talk about keeping the poor poor. Anyway, my two sisters, their families and subsequent grand kids have had their circumstances pull them to Little Rock, Arkansas. My mom, in true form, is desperate to be a grandma full time and therefore plans to sell this house and move there next year. I had secretly hoped to be well enough by then to have moved back out on my own or at least be caring for the estate of a generous, old, Sugah Daddy. :) At any rate, some friends came by yesterday to look at our house and loved it. They sold theirs and escrow closes at the end of July. My mom is willing to sell to them and so if they bite, it will catapult my ass into the South of the USA during the heat of the summer. I am disheartened about this new development. I am nervous about leaving my friends, my network of doctors and health care workers that literally saved my ass from dying last year, and of course my gorgeous Pacific Northwest surroundings and temperate climate. Anyone have some educated words of encouragement should I find myself living in *gulp* Arkansas???


Don't really have any advice regarding living in the South, but I expect once you get there and get adjusted, everything will work out fine.


See...I consider Arkansas ....midwest and sorta not SOUTH.  South the old south anyway is north and south carolina ....virginia.....georgia...missssisippi.... louisanna ...alabama ....anywhere that Bette Davis wore a big dress and said "Ya'll"

I agree with bear on what states are considered the south...but here in kansas and in arkansas(have some relatives there) we say ya'll.

I think Arkansas is a pretty state..has lots of hills. Some call them mountains but they are just big hills compared to the mountains ive been to in montana. But im from Kansas so I like anything that isnt flat.

Hope it wont be too bad for ya if you find yourself living there.



If you were sad when you lived in big "D" just wait till you live in little " L ". Having family there might help with the transition, but you are in for a little culture shock. I grew up in the northwest so I can understand your trepidation. Ah, summer in the south...what a treat.

Contrary to what Bear 60 says Arkansas and Tennessee are definitely part of the old south. Southern as you can get....Florida, now that's another story.

Check out the Clinton Library...why I hears that thing got air con-dish-on-ing.

Hal 8)


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