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As some of you may know my boyfriend is hiv positive, we have been togeter for 2 years and he is doing  great and not taking medication yet.
My question is .... where i live is very cold right now, and every year i get little cuts in my hands from the cold, the cuts dont bleed , but they are visible. Is there a way i could get infected if somehow his cum would get in the cuts? He always makes sure to cum inside his hand, but i needed to ask you guys this question...Thanks


You've been coming here since last November - have you read the Transmission Lesson yet?

Hiv is not spread this easily - it is a fragile, difficult to transmit virus that is primarily transmitted INSIDE the human body, as in having intercourse without a condom. Just as fingering and anus or vagina, regardless of cuts, scrapes, hangnails, isn't a risk for transmission, neither is getting cum from a penis on your hands, regardless of cuts etc.

As long as you and your boyfriend are using condoms correctly and consistently for intercourse, you'll be fine. Make sure you have a read through the condom and lube links in my signature line so you can use them with confidence.


i have read the transmission lesson, but sometimes things like these happen and i honestly dont know if that situation was risky or not.
thanks for your answer ann.

hey peter,

i get those sores on my hands too during winter, and i also tend to wash my hands too much.  the best lotion for that is MEDICATED hand lotion....definitely try Gold Bond, in the green bottle.  regardless of catching/transmitting anything, it's the best lotion out there!  i swear by it....just use it on your hands every morning and forget about it.   it helps the skin heal, not just condition it.


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