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I am still concern.

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Last Night I went to a massage palor and the girl gave me a hand job, with a lotion, I dont know if I had any cuts or anything.

I think I might have some cuts or bumps on my penis, I think I prevously had Herpes Down there and Warts...

I am a male..

What are the chances of me being infected with or any std ?

None of her fluids have came in contact

Just her hands and her hand job..

The next day my legs hurt, and penis is buring on the tip of it....

Why would my Penis Burn ?

I dont know

Any solution or idea ?


This site deals strictly with HIV, not any and all STD's.  I don't see ANY risk of HIV from what you describe.

Why is your penis burning on the end?  I dunno....chaffing?  Irritation from the lotion maybe?

You can read the Lessons section for more on how HIV is really transmitted.  You don't have a risk worry from this incident.

Has anyone ever had any irritation problem and felt like this ?

Andy Velez:
As Hunter has indicated there was absolutely no risk of HIV transmission during this incident as you have described it.

With regard to the other problems you're having in relation to your penis, that's something for you to discuss with your doctor. I don't know anything about your sexual history and we can't diagnose anything here anyway, so it's best you talk to a doctor if you're having any ongoing troubling symptoms.

What I can tell you is that HIV is not an issue in what you've described.

Andy, I see you mention that there is no risk.

Has there ever been a case ?

In addition, Any other STD can possbily ?

that was a off topic question.



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