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Yeah..Hip hip hooray...Found A Great Doctor & a New Clinic

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This is great news !  I hope you have a long, healthy, good relationship with your new doctor.

Take care----Ray

 :D thank you all..
I will go to my new clinic on Friday..
I had to go to get my blood work results at the old clinic..
My tcells have gone up from 241 to 294 in just a month of using truvada..
They say all my numbers are good..
Even my platlets..but then why am i getting bruises like an old lady and my skin is
very thin....???? they told me its probably the pridezone i was on..
But i was on that in dec of 2006...That way to long ago for this to be happening.
Anyone have any suggestions?
I should start a new post on this..I think i will..thanks for all your positive (ha) opinions.


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