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Yeah..Hip hip hooray...Found A Great Doctor & a New Clinic

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 ;) HI all.
Yesterday i was playing online to find out what other Infectious Diease centers
that are near me...

I found one in longbranch NJ and i hear that have great i called up
and there is only 2 women drs. and 1 social worker..
All I have to do, is sign a release form and take it to the new drs..or have it faxed to them.
She said its a small group and very intimate..just what iam looking for for the past
4 yrs..Phew  wiping the sweat off my forehead.
Ill have one of these two female drs..
I can still use the same car service because its not so far from my home.
I guess when I moved here, i went to the place closest to me..HUGE MISTAKE!
Though reseach online, I got a number and called yesterday..Spoke to a lovely
lady, who took her time and had alot of patience for all my questions..I like
that she didnt try to talk fast, and really seemed concerned for my well being.
AT LAST.....I feel like singing that song. ;) Iam so happy..
For now I have one appt on the 24th of this month..
Getting bloodwork results after being placed on truvada...and thats it.
Iam outta there, so fast all your gonna see is the soles of my feet and my
asshole...running like crazy to a new and better facility...Yahooooooo.. ;D
I am one happy camper now..Does anyone wanna sing coumbiya..or however its

Ubotts~~  I am so happy that you're looking forward to your new doc!  Yes, GF, I will sing with you!  Keep us posted.


when I lived in Tuckerton (Mystic Island) I went to AC clinic which treated me with good care.
Good luck with the new Doc's.


Hey Ubotts,

Congratulations on finding a new clinic and doctor!  ;D ;D ;D

Let us know how the first visit goes.




Glad to hear the good news. It's an encouraging sign that even though there are just two doctors in the clinic, they have a social worker.

It took me a long time to find a clinic and doctor that I felt good about. I know how important this is.

Good luck.



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