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Bad Idea Bears

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Background (Skip if you plan to see Avenue Q anytime soon):

In the musical, Avenue Q, they have these two very adorable (yet sinister) bears called the Bad Idea Bears.  Anytime you are at a cross-road in life and need guidance the most, the Bad Idea Bears (BIBs) arrive just in time to help you make the worst possible decision, yet in the most adorable way possible.  They can make any bad idea sound wonderful, exciting and sensible.  I mean, who could turn down advice from those passive yet chiper, wide-eyed, conservatively dressed, (complete with a pearl necklace and a bowtie), bears (see below)?

When one of the characters is stressed out about finding a job and only having enough money, (borrowed from his parents), to pay the rent, the BIBs show up just in time to suggest that he forget about finding a job and use his parent's money to get drunk on beer instead.  AND that he should by a case of beer, "cause buying in bulk saves you money in the long-run."

Or when two of the characters are ready to go home after a nice evening, the BIBs arrive to suggest that they should drink some harmless Long Island Ice Tea and play a few drinking games.  Once both characters are drunk, the BIBs convince the guy to "Take her home.  She's wasted."

Or when one of the characters is at his lowest moment, they arrive to suggest "you could always hang yourself," then proceed to supply him with rope.


Do you have any BIBs in your life?  Are you your own BIB (at times)?

Me: Yes and Yes!

(okay, I had more to write but it took me too long to write the background...Lol.)


Yep, except in my case it isn't two cute little bears.   ::)

It's my EVIL twin SKIPPY.


Cliff....Please help me.  I dont understand where you are going with this post????????????????????????????????????? :'(

LOL and neither do I.

No, actually I was going to recount my very own Bad Idea Bear story from this weekend, but I ended up spending too much damn time writing the background that I just gave up and ended it too quickly.  So it's no surprise you can't figure out what the hell I was trying to accomplish here.   ;D 

well....get busy...we are now anxiously awaiting the story...the body of the post!


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