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Cliff/Tim Horn/others who may know--Tim's presentation on Skype?

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Cliff or others who know:

Could Tim Horn's presentation be viewable to members not in Montreal via Skype?

If someone brings their computer and we have a video camera, if the hotel has WIFI, could all of that be set up so that it's viewable on a Skype conference call?

Is something like this even doable?  Dumb idea?


(Who is computer illiterate.)

The Canuck:

This is certainly doable. I'm not familiar with those type of set ups but would think there are better options software wise for this than Spyke.

The Canuck
(Who won't set it up though)

If I'm not mistaken, Skype is a bit limited.
In theory, all we would need is someone's laptop, with a camera, but Skype only allows for the host, and four additional participants.(for a conference call)
However, another recording platform would work. Maybe something like YouTube. Record the conference, then upload it for viewing, but again there is the problem of length.
I'm not very well versed in such manners, but I'll bet that Bailey might know how to do this.

I can upload up to 100mb per video on youtube with no time limit since i have director status there.

It wouldn't be an instant viewing thing, but it's possible to get it posted quickly, however, I won't have a computer up there to work with., though anyone who does, can edit the video to compress it and then shoot it to my youtube account.

Skype might be difficult to do, just because of what Lisa said (the limitations of the number of participants).  But Dingo's idea sounds good, (or maybe even Poz would be interested in posting it on their website).  We would need someone who has a digital camcorder, but I would be surprised if someone didn't bring one.  The quality may not be fantastic as compared to a professional production, but it would definitely be doable.

Good idea!


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