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Hi guys,

I recently had an encounter which I am worried about. I posted at my local healthcare website and am getting conflicting opinion. My case was as follows.

Recently, I had protected sex with a sex worker. A condom was used for blow job and vaginal sex. However, midway thru intercourse, I withdrew and went to the toilet. My hand came into contact with the outer covering of the condom and the fluids on it and I removed the condom and proceeded to masterbate normally. Then I went back, and used a new condom to continue sex. The answer I received was as follows.

Ans: From what you have described, the risk of contracting HIV / STI is unlikely.
The HIV is very fragile and does not survive once exposed to the air.
If you are still concern, you can do a HIV test at 1 month after this exposure and repeat the test at 3 months to be conclusive just to allay your fears.

Is there a risk of any STD transmission or HIV from the above? I did have a flu and ARS symptoms about 7 weeks after exposure and now about 9-10weeks I have a sore on my penis like a pimple that has lasted about 4-5days before disappearing and I am not sure if I have caught something or should get checked. Thanks for any advice.

Andy Velez:
You're actually raising two separate issues here. As far as HIV is concerned there isn't any cause for concern. You were protected by condoms during intercourse. They provide very effective protection.

Any vaginal fluids that may have gotten on to your hand when you masturbed would not have put you at risk for HIV transmission. Even IF the person you were with was HIV+, it's a fragile virus and would not have remained viable after having been exposed to the air.

You should discuss the pimple on your penis with your doctor and decide if doing the standard panel of other STDs is warranted.

None of your symptoms is suggestive of HIV infection, but then you also need to know that neither the presence nor the absence of symptoms is ever a reliable way to know your HIV status. Getting an HIV test at the appropriate time is the way to do that, and the CDC recommends doing that at 13 weeks.

This not an HIV situation. Just keep using a condom everytime you have intercourse and you're "covered" as far as HIV is concerned, no matter whether your partner is a professional or a civilian.


Hi Andy,

Thanks for your response. The thing is the pimple has almost faded and I have generally recovered so i am not sure if I should do a full panel of testing. Please advise.

Andy Velez:
Well, a pimple can certainly show up on a penis and it not be a manifestation of an STD.

As long as you are comfortable that it's dried up and gone, that's cool.

In general I do recommend that anyone who's sexually active get a full panel done regularly -- at least annually.

For sure you do not have to be concerned about HIV. And it seems like things are ok otherwise as well.



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