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Green Eggs And Ham...

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This is a cute breakfast that I saw on Food Network awhile back, and served to my sweetie for breakfast today...
its Honeydew melon, Cantalope, and Prosciutto.  Melons and Prosciutto are a classic Italian dish so this is just an artsy presentation. Might be a cute way to get Kids to try something new, and Melons are in season. I added a couple of slices of Bacon to Americanize it a bit....

See.... isnt that Nice  :) :)  Im Not allways about links to dirty phrases, Buttshots and Drunken Videoblogs in Obscene T Shirts ( Usually, But Not Always)

mmmmm, that looks almost as good as the breakfast I had today.


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nice ...and whimsical. we expect no less from you  :D

Ah that is the cutest thing I have seen all day. if I could get someone to make that for me.....hmm. ::)



Swede , I was going to serve it with a wineglass of spicey Tomato juice with a dollop of whipped cream that you mentioned in the Condiment thread awhile ago...but I was out of cream....
 I tried it several days ago and its the ONLY way to go with Tomato Juice....Thanks  ;D


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