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Hello From Jeffrey


Moderator, I'm new here and made a mistake by posting my own introduction thread thread, without it even being complete.  Sorry I have moved the revised post  to the introduce yourself thread reply #96. 

Thanks Philly and aztecan for your welcoming me.

Miss Philicia:
Welcome to the board Jeffrey -- glad you found us.

Hey Jeffrey,

Welcome to the forums! Glad you found us and have chimed in.

You have had quite the time of it with HIV, I am also very glad you have come out of the depression, etc.

I look forward to hearing more from you.



Hello Moderator, I made a mistake. I'm new here and started my own thread, sorry.
I have moved it here ...  see "Introduce Yourself" thread, post #96

Thank you Philly and Aztecan for your welcoming me!


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