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No lasik for possies?

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I had my annual check up with the opthamologist today. While there, I asked about lasik surgery to correct my vision.

I used to wear contact lenses, but my astigmatism is so bad now that is not really an option. This doctor also stopped prescribing contacts because his surgery schedule takes up most of his time.

The doc told me that, although I am a good candidate for lasik, he doesn't do it on people who are HIV positive. The doc said he had checked on it with the manufacturer of the laser machine to find out what type of testing had been done involving HIV positive people and lasik. He said they advised him against performing the surgery on someone who is positive.

Has anyone else run into this?

It isn't as though this would be on a short list of things I need to have done. I also don't have the $3,000 handy to pay for it.

But, I have worn either contact lenses or glasses for 44 years now and I would just like to be able to see with my own eyes for a while.

The good news is my eyes are relatively healthy. No sign of macular degeneration, a possibility because I am very myopic. I have a few floaters, but they are just the usual found in people my age, so the doc says. (Why is it that everyone has been using that phrase for the past year or so?)

My eye pressure is just perfect, with one eye at 12 and the other at 15. Normal is between 10 and 20.

The doc did see some spots on the lenses though. They are in both eyes. Seems I have the beginnings of cataracts. But nothing to worry about for the time being.

On the bright side, I will probably need cataract surgery, which will mean new lenses in my eyes and good vision, at least it worked that way for my mother.

Now, explain to me again why I quit smoking?



(Who apologizes for typos, etc., but whose eyes are still dialated and he is having trouble seeing the screen.)

Matty the Damned:
Did they give a reason why poz bodz aren't allowed to have Lasik surgery? I'm sure I remember other members here having their peepers blasted with death rays.


No, he didn't, but I got the distinct impression it was he who didn't want to do it.

I seem to remember he was really gung ho for me to have the surgery a number of years ago, but when he found out I was positive, that attitude changed.


Sounds like a snow-job to me, Mark.

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If your a good canidate for lasik surgery... even with you being hiv+ your still a good canidate for the surgery... that doctor just does not want to perform the surgery on someone hiv+..I opted not to have it because, I did not want to have to wear reading glasses... I'd rather see close up without specs... than to have to wear opticals to read... 


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