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scared and cant figure out what is wrong with me


I had a post on the old forums under this same user name.
I had sex with a femail sex worker in Thailand  (on business trip) on about march 23rd of this year with a condom but had shaved around pubic area 2 hours prior (area that is not covered by condom)
Very clean situation bath first scrubbed myself and her down and then sex.
I have had genital Herpese for 10 years

2 days after this encounter I had a breakout at the base of my penis.  (prolly stress related)
At this point I was totallly set in guilt and fear in what I had done.  When I got back to the states 5 days later I went and had a PCR test that came back negative for HIV.  I also at this point had a ghonorea and clammidia test done (dont know if that was too soon to test for those) but they were negative as well.  That made me calm down for a couple of days.  But then I started getting worried again looking at my mouth, looking for rashes, waiting for night sweats etc. you see where I was heading.

7 weeks post went to my doctor for a sore throat.  He put me on a zpak and it did not do anything for the sore throat

8.5 weeks and still have a  severe sore throat .  At 8.5 weeks post encounter I had a rapid Oraquick blood test done at a HIV clinic and tested negative for HIV.

At 11 weeks and still with a sore throat and now sores on my tongue and mild thrush I went to my GP doctor.  He ran a standard blood work round and one of the tests he ran was for HIV.  He also did a throat culture.  All blood work came back negative/normal including the HIV1 AB test.  He perscribed me some oral losenges for my thrush to kill the fungus on my tongue.  But did not want to put me on antibiotics again because he just did not know what I had.

4 days later I went back to him because my tongue seemed to get worse and was now starting to hurt with the throat.  The tongue has these round sores on it with white rings around them.  I finally broke down and told him my concern so he knew what he was dealling with because at this point he could not understand why I was having these symptoms with normal blood work and all.  He then ran one more blood test and it was for syphillis ( have not recieved that one back yet).  He said that since he does not know why I am having these symptoms that he would like to send me to a infectous disease doctor.  He is setting me up for that appointment hopefully at the end of next week.  With The 4th of july holiday I am hoping to still get in that week.

The past day even as I write this letter I have been getting a muscle spasm/twitch in my right upper inner arm close to my elbow.  Thrush is looking a bit better but when I get up in the morning like right now it looks bad again.  Throat is still sore and red (no pus or anything) tongue still has spots but do not hurt as bad as when they first appeared but are still there.  I dont have fever or rashes.

I have to mention that I consider myself in athletic top shape and have been going to the gym 4-6 days a week for 17 years and would rarely ever get sick and usually never had energy problems.  I have been under extreme amount of stress due to this stupid choice I made.  I am contantly thinking about how this could effect my family etc.  I keep getting these negative results back but cant realy feel to good about them because of all of these symptoms.  (BTW I know you guys dont look at symptoms) but if something jumps out at you let me know.  When I get a test at 13-14 weeks and it comes back negative is that 100% true?

Please help me through this.  I am freeking out righ now.

Thanks for your time.

Go and reread the answers you received in the old forum. They won't change. You had protected sex. All the signs and symptoms that you can come up are not specifically related to HIV. If you are continuing to have symptoms see your doctor.


Just in case you don't know how to find your thread in the old forum, it's here.

--- Quote ---I have been under extreme amount of stress due to this stupid choice I made.  I am contantly thinking about how this could effect my family etc. 
--- End quote ---
Have you discussed how you're feeling emotionally with your doc? Because your anxiety could be a good part of why you feel the way you do.

Keep working with your doctor to find out what is going on with you. Whatever it is, you had no risk and those negative tests results you've had show just that.

You are hiv negative and this was never an hiv situation to begin with.


Thank you for your support.  I will talk to the Infectious disease doctor about my anxiety issues.  I just dont see how I could be having infections on my tongue, but I hope this doctor will be able to tell what it is.  Why do some sites say that you need to have a 6 month test as well?
Thanks again

Thanks RapidRon for your support.  You guys rule.


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