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Truvada and the sun.

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 ??? Hi all.
I was wondering if taking truvada isn't good when your taking the sun.
Last month i was put on this med instead of combivir and i never had a problem
before with tanning..
Last week i was on the beach and when i got home and looked into the mirror
my face looked like i had rosacha or however you spell it.
My face looked like a big rash with bumps on my cheeks of my face..the rest of my body was fine..So can anyone here enlighten me on this issue..
I be so grateful to know what to do and what not to do.
I did look it up but it never said anything about taking the sun on this medicine.

Never heard of photosensitivity related to Truvada, Emtriva or Viread.  My guess would be some unrelated factor like an environmental irritant, another drug, or a food that irritated your skin.

Hell, iam not sure what is happening to my face and anymore..

Hell, ubotts, if you were taking chemo for cancer treatment would you go lay out in the blazing sun? No, of course not.
Then, consider that these perscribed drugs are extremely powerful drugs. They are assaulting the HIV virus yet assaulting the body as well.
Unfortuately, at this point in time, I cannot cite a specific study on avoidance of sunbathing when on HIV meds.  I am on Truvada, Norvir & Invirase and I feel like hell if I stay in the blazing sun too long--even with a wide-bimmed straw hat and fully clothed.
My advice: Stop sunbathing; wear sunscreen.
Hope this goes away soon......and I hope this bizarre reaction discourages you from sunbathing in the future.


I have sun tanned for the last 5 yrs while on meds and nothing ever happened
to me..
So I don't why this year is any different... :-[  I know sun is bad for you so i do
put sunscreen on all the time..
It was just one day, that this happened to me..
So iam gonna give it another try..thanks anyway for your comment.


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