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Had a bit of a nervous breakdown this weekend.

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Hi everybody.

I am usually not the one to complain or cry but this weekend I had a bit of a nervous breakdown. Many of my friends are moving on with their lives in one way or the other except for me. I feel stuck, as if I am waiting for that famous bus to come hit me. I try so hard to keep a good perspective of life but I live my life in fear. I am afraid of dying and leaving my elderly parents all alone with debt, i fear that I may loose my insurance coverage soon, I fear that I will waste away and look very sick and I fear that the meds may stop working or that i may get an OI. I observe my body and face for any drastic changes in my body. Most of all I fear that I will one day die all alone and no one will be by my side. Is it true that I can expect to live a normal lifestyle and expect to live a normal life expectancy?


Miss Philicia:
Dear cokaine, I won't make light of such fears as this is common and we all do it somewhat.  However, speaking from experience with such things, it seems these thoughts when left uncontrolled have a way of exponentially increasing and consuming oneself.  It's for this reason that I've found, as have many others on the board, that cognitive behavioral therapy is quite useful.  Have you looked into a therapist that is good with this?

Best of luck,

A normal life expectancy if you adhere to the meds and your doctors advice. A normal life style? That depends on what your life style was before. I would hope that it changes a little as one grows older. You can't go on doing things that got you into this situation, if that is what you mean. You will probably make some small changes but I don't see any reason to go over board.

go for a walk.

Hi Cokaine,

I had actually started a thread on this topic earlier this year which you might be interested in reading through. If you do, I think you'll see that you are not alone in the fears you wrote about.

Living with HIV and the Fear of Change

Be good to you.



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