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Was this a risky encounter?


Hi folks, hope you're well.

I occasionally see this guy, it's nothing too serious really, and sometimes we indulge in some foreplay/light fun. Recently he gave me a nice massage - I was undressed and he was in his shorts - but I became anxious when I felt his penis pressing against my anus, although not heavily. I believe he was still in his shorts but don't know if he was damp with pre-ejaculate.

I am guessing that this is similar to frottage/grinding: no real risk as far as HIV is concerned. Surely if this incident was penetration then I would soon have known about it? (oww!) I would really value some feedback and reassurance.

Ste x

Apologies - think I should have posted this under a different topic I started elsewhere.  :'(

Andy Velez:
As long as you are certain there wasn't any penetration there's nothing to be concerned about. And in the future should there be penetration just make sure he's wearing a latex condom every time.

Also, read the opening thread in this section which has a link to the lesson on transmission. You'll find all the basics there that you need to practice in relation to protecting yourself from HIV.



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