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When do you start Meds?

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I have been sick for almost 2 weeks (flu symptoms, sore throat, rash, night sweats etc). My doctor tested me for HIV, and the test was negative.  I was out of town for the next 2 weeks traveling where I am originally from, and my doctor from there felt I was potentially sero-converting.  He ran the additional DNA test and discovered that I am right in the middle of converting (5 out of 10 antibodies converted).  My T-Cells are 717 and my viral load isn't back yet.

My doctor wants to put me on Truvada and Kaletra now as an aggressive therapy while I'm currently converting.  My other friends all of have said that their doctors hold on the start of meds as long as possible.

What are the pros and cons of this?  I don't want to start too quickly, especially when my T-Cells are high and then find out my body stops reacting the cocktail above.

I also need a recommendation of a good HIV doctor in San Francisco.

Please help me clarify this.

There is an ongoing debate over the benefits of hitting the infection early on. The hypothesis is that by attacking the infection now you would salvage more of your immune system. The cons, of course is that you are starting therapy very early and the issue if resistance can arise sooner, in theory. I think there is a clinical trial taking place that is seeking to answer these questions, you might want to look it up at Having said all this, personally, I would have decided to start therapy immediately. With all the options out there I would think that resistance issues could successfully be dealt with, especially when a new class of drug has recently been announced, that could be available in the next few years. Nevertheless, it is a tough decision.

Thanks for your reply.  I am researching the clinical trials as well.

Sorry I am lost by the 5 out of 10, did your doc do a p24 antigen test?

I'm hiv+ since 1993-as I know...I started to go to doctors 1996.,then my cd4 was 770 and they didn't give me meds.One year later I had pneumonia and my cd4 was 352,then I started with meds.So,I'm on them almost 10 years,results of cd4 and pcr tests were ok(cd4 between 900 and 1000,pcr 0 ).Few times I made pause with meds-about 6 months.The less cd4 I had was about 210 but in this period I had problems with drugs :-\.Now I'm clean,on meds again-videx,stocrin(efavirenz)and epivir.Before them I took videx,viracept and zerit.I don't know why they changed my therapy even cd4 test result was ok ??? I feel ok but I didn't do cd4 and pcr tests almost 1 year-there is big problem with lab tests in my country...
Btw,sorry if my english isn't good,I don't use it often.But I hope you'll understand me  :-[


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