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Hi.  Ok. First: I am so freaking BORED!  Next: I have a question about my blood work.  I was infected about 5 months ago and tested positive about two weeks ago.  My CD4 count was 502 28% and my VL was 55,121.  Is this normal?  Would you go on medication; since the VL is high?  Is it high due to recent infection?  My doctor tells me that I am fine, but seeing as how this is my first test--it's freaking me out!!  Last:  Thank you for all the support and answers!!

Yes, it can be high due to recent infection and...

No, not a chance I would go on meds with those numbers. 

Relax.  You've got your whole life to be one 'em once you start. 

You need to wait to have a couple of more lab work ups done to see how your CD4 and VL are doing. It's possible with what you have if it's maintained you won't go on meds for a long time.

If you're bored then you can read the lessons: You will see that 55000 is not high, it's average. Like Rapid said, you need more blood tests done to see how your body reacts to the infection. Relax and don't be bored, educate yourself there is plenty to learn ! :)


i have to agree with thunter, rapid, and milker on this one, and reinforce the need for you to get yourself educated.

there are many theories out there on when to start meds. as someone who went 10 years without having to take them, and in the last 12 years have only been on 2 different regimens, it bothers me to know there are so many newly infecteds that have been put on meds soon after diagnosis. to me the more treatment options i have, the greater my chance is to live a quality life

i understand the theory that, within the medical community, the sooner you are on the meds the less compromised your immune system gets. but that is their belief, and i am not a doctor who can scientifically prove them wrong.

i only have my experience to go by, and i will take the 10 years without meds and their side effects any day over what might have happened to my immune system. i haven't even had to be hospitalized over the last 22 years and haven't missed a day of work for hiv related medical problems. yet, i also know i was diagnosed early after initial infection.

some newly diagnosed folks may have been infected quite some time ago and are having to go on meds because they were so sick by the time hiv was found in their system. these folks need to get on meds if the numbers indicate that.

but if someone is involved in a risky behavior one night and decides to get tested shortly thereafter, and tests positive, i would get as educated as i possibly could to be able to make an informed decision with my doctor when to start.

i have posted this feeling once and i will post it again. who stands to profit the most by getting us on meds as soon as possible?

being an informed and educated patient assures you your best chance of a long life with this disease.

good luck and may you live a long and healthy life!



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